Guy in Tekken x SF



voting has started on the FB page . hope the FF duo make it… … Also there are some leaked gameplay vids of Guy in SFxT , he looks mostly the same … so far no comboable bushin flip throw :frowning:


we dont know that yet it may be comboable :x


I hope he makes it, because I am not sure if I will buy the game otherwise unless it is totally awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


wow talk about copy pasta from SF4 lol … atleast his new cross assault is kinda cool…


AHHH that final fight chain for a cross assault, rather enjoy it though I wish he his Super from AE or Lvl3 kick super to be his cross assault.

Also Cody’s face and attitude before the end of his Cross Assault. “Oh it’s not over yet points


So the video uploader posted a video of Guy’s hozantos, Now I can’t tell if he has guy blocking but from the video itself Looks like Guy’s hozantos are unsafe (reversal SRK hits him but EX hozanto has some much pushback that the move is safe… I really hope LP hozanto is safe I wouldn’t want to spend bar to have a safe pressure tool even if it does deliver good chip, or always have to resort to Run/Stop/Overhead/Bushin Flip. Granted this will make me feel more like Alpha series Guy, unless you space his normal hozantos (Alpha 2) Guy seems to be a resorting to his other methods or to just not cancel into a move.


can’t wait for guy to come out in this game. I think he’ll be a real viable character now :smiley:


i will shed manly tears if a bushin flip grab of a ground bounce is possible


He linked a after flip elbow… interesting…


his alt looks cool tho



It also confirms Guy’s power level is OVER 9000!!!


what in the bloody fuck is… Cody wearing…


I kinda dont feel like playing sfXtk without Guy. The game is good but I need Guy as my point then I’ll probably use ryu as my second. They nerfed his damage a bit too but we’ll see how much combo damage he can do. If his frames are good and hitboxes are big, he will be solid. He’s much faster at least and bushin flip is a bigger threat.


Overall they nerfed everyone’s damage I think, Let’s be real here though if Guy can combo how we expect to, or even have expansions to his current expansions to his combos which he looks like is able to, he’d have to have lower output (same with Cody) as he’d do far to much damage as in. Regular combos in AE especially with EX Hozanto doing a wall bounce could probably net some huge damage with or without tag in.

But I know how you feel on the whole cant play without Guy, currently I’m just easing about with Ken, Julia, Law, Xiaoyu and messing about with Rolento and Raven. I have a feeling Guy could have synergy with them, but I’m of course waiting for Cody Lei and Lars to drop.


My mains are Guy and Lars for sure. I was watching some videos online and Lars looks like he’s got an Hozanto as well. I thought that was interesting. Best synergy teams for Guy, I think: Guy and Lars, Guy and Cody, Guy and Raven, Guy and Ibuki, Guy and Jin. Early speculations. I think were going to see alot of Guy and Raven, Guy and Ibuki teams for some reason (team ninja).


Raven has Guy’s costume as well, team bushinryu lol. Lars has a cool ninja costume. Looks like kakashi with white hair. Jin is a strong character but a bit technical so not for everyone. There are also a few characters that have good synergy with everyone like ryu and ken.


I dont see Guy and Raven, but I can honestly see Guy and Law and Guy and Xiaoyu maybe even Julia. The first two have a lot of moves that can cause ground and wall bounce which im sure is great for any character and if Guy is how we expect him to be… it’ll be devastating.




Run overhead cause ground bounce!!? Can’t wait to play this game!

Nice to see that has some use now lol

Now that you mention it those 3 mks look sick :slight_smile:

Wasn’t like 7 frame startup in ae? if that didn’t change then sick frame adv indeed.

Could easily sub the following mk for other moves as well in that case


Did you see the frame advantage on his cl mk !? Oh the combo abilities even if you doesnt combo into Bushin flip… he has plenty of other options. I hope his run overhead cross up.