Guy mix up help


I am playing as Guy SSF4, i need some help working on my mix up game for a tourny

are their any tips you guys can provide, thank you


because you specifically asked for help with Guy’s mix up game, here’s Guy’s Okizeme Options / Mix Up Thread. there isn’t too much information in that thread, but it’s a nice place to start.

in addition, since you’re preparing for a tournament, you may want to check out these threads as well:
[] The New Guy Match Up Thread
] The Versatility of Bushin Ryu (Guy’s Option Selects Thread)


Check out the guy forum


Nice contribution. Yet again. Have you anything to say in the Saikyo Dojo that isn’t elitist “go check X forum” or "use google?"
But I digress. Liked your “who should I use” thread tho… good read.

ON topic: I’ve been blessed to play online with and make good buddies out of a GREAT Guy user. Basically anything that he can hit-confirm from real close turns into a target combo into either hit-mixes or throw shenanigans. Seriously. Try stopping a target combo, mid-combo, when the opponent is typically trying to block and catch the first break in your pattern, and land a free grab. Do it a couple of times. Then, when he’s expecting a chance to tech the next one, hit that EX rolling shoulder or whatever that is.

I’m about 3-7 against this guy with my best character (Dee Jay) whereas every other Guy player I fight I get around 8-2.

The Guy (pun intended) has a ton of options and even against blocking opponents (whether voluntary or forced) can be especially deadly if you’ve got patience and instinct. Get too far away from him though and you can expect to be zoned out to avoid the shenanigans.


okay thanks gang for the info i’m a study this and implement in my gameplay thank so much


Most posts in this forum have already been answered.

This forum isn’t meant to be “browse the forum for me, I’m lazy”


It’s true, there are Q&A threads in character forums for a reason. Don’t get me wrong, Kelter is pretty dumb I’m not denying that, but leading him to where his question can be answered seems like the right thing to do.


Don’t make me report you


Go for it, I’ll be reading your great understanding of fighting games in the meantime.