Guy msgs me saying he broke his controller


He apparently got so mad that he broke his controller after losing to me - -.


bwhahahahaha that guy JUST hate mailed me too.

called Ryu a ***, then i told him a *** pushed his shit in.


Rofl wow


cool story bro.




the 300th ryu in his 700th game…I think that is pretty good


We have a huge thread about angry messages you receive after a match…


Yeah sorry about that, I did a search called hatemail but didn’t turn up so I just made a thread. I’ll post it in the right thread.


I’m confused…you say he lost to your RYU, yet RUFUS is in the victory screen.



you guys really hate to keep threads organized =/


hahahah…we have a thread for this already. Closed before this snowballs.