Guy players going to NEC in philly?



I won all my first matches in each of my tournament(my goal was finals).I played tekken 6 made it to losers semi.I played street fighter 4 ae i played casuals and got a 6-8 wining streak then i got a guy mirror match with Ike the legend another good guy player.Then when the matches started I played a rog player which was ok I won 2-0 but I was in humble about it told the guy GG and I respect ex headbutt so i had to turtle.The second match was the worst of luck as I still can’t get pass 1 win in winners (curse) the guy making the match making was abit hard on newcomers I had to play the winner of two ok players but i felt the win. If I got this win i could hope Wolfkone & Dragongod played each other and I feel the a skill gap with them. The match maker felt I would move on abit more so he told me after the players played they it would be better to play Wolfkone vs darryl215 i got upset and he knew it. I played my best got 1-2 with my guy close last match am not free. The match after in loser i played a gen which was ok but after the 1st round his coach told him how to play the match up n later me i felt my health getting best of me and lost 0-2 but i felt the lose it was fun i needed to sub guy for my yun but i didn’t think about it due pressure&health.I think winter brawl will be my next event and am have fun getting better at tournaments and seeing the FGC off stream is funny they look different but in a good way nice people.


Top 32 for me. I’ll post more about it later.


I may have saw u play, alot more guy players were at this event I was happy to see that but i didn’t get to talk to all of them wish i did my ride was waiting on me.


This tournament has sadly turned me into one of those guys who just cannot play on playstation, I wasn’t even aware there was an actual delay on it and am just super depressed about it, didn’t play to my own standards at all. =<


Yeah in terms of game speed it goes, PC, 360, Arcade, PS3. I say PC because alot of people are stated it does indeed run a bit faster than 360 who exactly knows… but PS3 does have noticeable delay in it which does mess a lot of people up.

(Has yet to play on a PS3 but I have played on laggy setups… hopefully it wouldn’t hinder me too much…

I was going to go to Summer Jam but… i never had the money :l…


Yeah, there were a lot of Guy players at the venue this weekend. I’m assuming you and Ike were the pad players duking it out on Saturday before the singles tournament started. I was going to play you guys (no pun intended), but they had to use your station for a tournament match. I ran into another pad player (I think his name was Jugs) on Sunday during casuals, and he was very good.

Did you have a red and white stick? I saw a lot of Guy players using pad, so it’s easy for me to pick out the one or two who didn’t. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’ve always played on Xbox 360, you’ll have issues playing on PS3 for quite some time. I had to play in two or three tournaments before I finally became comfortable with the differences in timing. You’ll play better next time.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had very little tournament success against Sagat players, and I continued that streak this weekend. In the team tournament, I partnered up with Kattermari and Lud again, and we wound up losing to the team of Gridman, Weak Sauce, and K Brad in our second match. Weak Sauce and I have always had close matches (he sent me to Losers’ Bracket at NEC XI), and we had another close match this time. However, I never had the sense of feeling lost when I was playing, and I think that’s a big improvement over my recent Sagat experiences.

In the singles tournament, I lost my first match against Mingo, the Ibuki player, and it wasn’t even close. I think he posts a lot in the Ibuki section of the forums. My footsie game was decent, but I just got caught in the kunai vortex and unblockable setups. I’m not a fan of this match up because you can lose at any point. After I lost, I was not happy. I quickly went straight to my room, seriously contemplated not playing the rest of my matches, slightly raged a bit, and ultimately decided to go back to the tournament room with the goal of finishing in the top 16.

My heart sank a little when I watched Sanford lose to GPX Xango (?), an El Fuerte player. My road to the top 16 would have to go through Sanford. I’ve run into him in almost all of the tournaments (except ECT4) that I’ve attended since March, and the outcomes have always been losses. In addition, in all of our previous matches, I’ve felt lost. I would sit there, eat Tiger Shots, be out-poked, and never figure out how to get inside. It was hopeless. This time, things were different. I was coming off a huge, emotional, comeback win over a Rufus player (Jim, Private Joker?) with Sanford getting hype in the background, and I was feeling confident. I worked my way around the fireballs into a range where Sagat should feel uncomfortable, and I managed to put up a fight in the footsie game. Our match was close, and I played well. Unfortunately, I choked it up a few times, Sanford made some GODLIKE reads, and I lost. I didn’t make it into the top 16, but I did make it into the top 32.

Afterwards, everyone was complimenting me and telling me that I played well (while also poking fun at my choke-fest). But, that’s not good enough. I need to be better. Otherwise, how are people going to ever respect Guy?

Progress is a small victory, but it’s one that I’ll take today. NEC XIII, here I come.

Kick your sneakers off and relax~ Guy General Discussion Thread

Aw you saw me play cool ike was the dark skinned with the orange shirt and i was the short guy with a hat ike said to ex run ibuki after u c all hard knockdown kunai set ups.The gen that beat me in pools had me me raging i wanted to shout “stop telling him what to do let the dummy think” i wanted to play k-brad and doc. chaos they beat me before but not free. I told i should leave after wolfkrone sent me to losers i was not too much in mindset to play but more my feet hurt from walking to much they told us sf4 ae 3pm they did start til hrs later also on sunday i got to play sfa2 i was so off lol i thought free but saw afro cole in the tournament i only got to play a bad n then skilled rolento players i was free just 2$ sign ups i got to play doa 5 with akira i got bodied free the guy played rig and totally killed me he said it was ok i said why is there a camera behind me…well i took this time to ask and then have him teach me how to block and how does the system work is doa5 i got 2-5 rounds out of 20 games 0-20 me next year summer jam 7 we need top guys players.


k-brad is cammy main so good i only got casual with him, dr. chaos was off but only due to my playstyle i repespect dps and ex head butts after i get u near a corner, and wolfkone was the best of the top players(he won the singles) but i got a set on him due to my respect of HP thunder knuckles close last game i lose due to his whiff lk ex S. slam i didnt think he had something like that i ex spin kick to stop a burn kick set up lol he is also a nice guy i asked him a few things told me viper has alot of random stuff but before he could finish talking a marlinpie match came on i hod to stop the talking.


Yeah that was me with the red/white stick, I got super dejected once i started playing on the playstations after playing in the AG stream room waiting for the touney to start, i was destroying people in there all day on xbox, and having virtually never played on playstation before my timing was just completely gone. I learned a little too late that there was a flat 2 frames of input delay on ps3. After my match with afrocole i went into practice because i thought i was just slightly nervous for actually going to a tournament, sadly it wasn’t my nerves and i could only do my combos by closing my eyes and just going with the timing instead of visually confirming, which just completely destroyed me since i visually react to my combos. most notably however was throw teching, it was SO much harder to defend on that thing for me =<. I was super dejected and pretty much just left because i didn’t wanna stick around being bitter about it. I didn’t play anywhere near my usual level and lost to two people i feel i should’ve beaten(i had ridiculous amounts of openings i didn’t continue combos off of, i had enough hits where i could’ve literally killed them twice in some rounds if i confirmed properly). I can’t overstate my disappointment with the whole thing, but i’m just gonna strictly play on ps3 now and “relearn” the game and just come back at NEC and be the force that i know i am.


It’s for reasons like this I am baffled as to why EVO uses PS3. As an Xbox 360 only player, if I payed all that money and travelled half way across the planet to get bodied by some scrubs I know I could otherwise beat because I was dropping every combo thanks to a 2 frame lag, I would be disgustingly salty about it. I invested in a lag free 1080p HD TV after years of playing on a naturally lag free CRT TV. For your average American player, I guess PS3 and a slightly laggy HD TV is the normal setup, so you’re looking at anywhere between 3-5 frames of input latency there. And that’s playing OFFLINE! I just can’t figure out how people can play under those conditions, unless you blindfold yourself. You wouldn’t be able to do anything based on visual or audio clues at all, or you’ll be dropping combos all day. I can’t help but feel that how I play on my setup is the ‘true’ way to play the game. i.e. the button you press comes out when you press it and not x number of frames later!


So I was watching Davero against Sanford… Is any one of you named Davero?