Guy sets off bombs in Norway and shoots up a bunch of kids

And the new high score goes to this guy. If i remember correctly. The irony lies in that when this first happened they suspected the suspect had Muslim ties. Turned out to be anti-muslim but the point is Muslims seem to have a monopoly on terrorism.

wait till Mexicans make their move. We willl give em a run for thier money.

I felt it appropriate to post this. And no I don’t care about spoiler tags.

lol @ your assesment of the Netherlands. Some serious exaggeration skills.

I don’t get it, if this guy hated muslims/immigrants so much, why didn’t he target them instead of his own “people?”

they want to charge him with crime against humanity so he gets a higher sentence than murder and never gets free. getting beaten and raped for like 40 years on a daily basis is a decent punishment imo.


O’Reilly is bating hardcore, or the nigga switched brains with a guy who failed world history.

What I do know is if you’re Christian and you conspired to murder thousands of people in recent years, you may have to think about switching belief systems, according to Bill “Booboo Hill” O’Reilly

shooting kids, how terrible of him.

he needs to turn his gun to the adults of the world

he had neptune in sagittarius like i did. i think he’s probably a closet sympathizer with muslims and decided to help them by pretending to be a nationalist.

Apparently Norway has banned all violent videogames, including World of Warcraft (crazy mans favourite game), in honour of the victims.


Someone RT’ed it on twitter and after googling around all I found was the tweet so I don’t know how reliable it is.