Guy thread(any alpha)

Random things ive noticed… Also note I dont have the game, I just played it a couple times for a hour or so… So yea heres what ive noticed…

Yea dizzys, re-dizzys work yadda yadda. However bushin throw to punch super with guy was being random and not working for some reason on guy. I remember it not working on chun li… but guy??? Hrmm not sure… I only tried a few times maybe I was just messing up each time… maybe…

Also in alpha one you stopped farther away from the opponent. So you didnt need to manualy stop your dash. So there was no fear of stuttering, and coming out at a even, or even disadvantage. You could pretty easily come out at a advantage even from something as far as a stand mp, hp, youd still automaticly stop at the advantage. When I played a bit, this didnt seem to be the case, sure I can get the advantage from a simple hp right next to the guy then dash stop… But from further distances it just wasnt working… Hrmmm maybe im remembering wrong… But yea this seemed off.

The run slide also seems to slide to far… Though I could be wrong. Stand fierce also didnt seem to randomly wiff, but I only played it for 10 mins, so maybe I was just getting lucky.

ALPHA 1(hyper)…
You can punch super for whatever reason after his regular throw on everyone but rose it seemed. Also you can also punch super after his air throw. Punch super after bushin throw is way easier(alpha 2ish), and by that same token you can get hurricane kick after it as well. Also vs alpha 3 characters you can hit punch super after a bushin combo as well now. You can hit a punch super after a duck foward on cody and sodom for whatever reason as capcom felt the need to let them get juggled by everything in this game for no reason. Weather it be juggling after SPD moves or whatever… Random… Also I guess to note there hit boxs are apperently ridiculous as at least vs sodom you can air throw then hit a punch super half way across the screen with out even touching him… dum. Again run stuff doesnt seem to be the same, stops more close to the guy then it did in alpha one shrug…Other misc things I guess…

-That bushin elbow seems like it can no longer cross up in corner.

-run slide seems to slide more. Again maybe this is just me. But I remember in alpha one if the slide was blocked if the opponent hesitated a bit, you acctualy got to block there next attack. So you could get some freebies in that sence… Seems to me you slide more now. Again though… Maybe its just me.

-Stand fierce didnt seem to randomly wiff. Guess they fixed the hit box. Level one super didnt seem to randomly wiff ethier.

-Bushin throw can no longer grab ducking opponents. Hell in genral it seemed way harder to grab then it did in alpha 1.

-No dizzys or re-dizzys seemed to me. Not only did they not dizzy, but even getting the correct strings seemed harder or not possible period.

-lk hurricane kick hits 3 times on block on a standing opponent. I dont think it did this in a1.

ALPHA 2(hyper)
You can hit a punch super after a qcb+p, against cody and sodom(as does the duck foward to punch super yadda yadda). Also you can cancle duck fierce at any range, and from what I remember in A2 you can only do it if it hits close, when the move is starting. Again all that regular throw air throw stuff works now as well for some reason.

All that fun regular throw to punch super didnt work. No duck foward to punch super vs cody and sodom yadda yadda. Hrmm close stand mp, hp seemed weird to me. Seemed like I almost acctualy had to kinda time it… weird… Maybe it was just me shrug.

Oh well thats all I noticed… Didnt play to much shrug. Id assume theres more differences though.

EDIT: Oh yea to add, comboing after the bushin elbow was harder. It always took timeing, but for some reason I was having trouble getting anything PERIOD IT. Also I assume most of these abnormalites are from the character sizes or something.

For some things to test which might be kinda intresting for alpha one guy through a2 gold guy can you get knee bash throw to the regular throw THEN super? I dont see any reason why you couldnt with the messed up properties… But again I dun have game so I cant test.

S-ISM notes

c.fp and for your alpha counters
command moves are not chainable
everything chains to except fp
bushin chain still behaves as normal

only super is Bushin Musou Renge (hcb, hcb+p)
can cancel to super after connecting with a special (blocked or hit)
OR during the recovery of Hayagake(qcf+k) or Ninja Flip (qcf+p), even empty

Kinda useless teleport, d,d+p or K
not able to do anything during teleport until you’ve landed.
otherwise very blah

Green ism-
You can cancel Guy’s into any other move

I have a feeling that Guy has a lot of potential for crazy combos in Green ISM, someone test this.

Oh yea can anyone test to see if for a1 guy through a2gold if you can bushin combo to punch super mid screen on sodom or cody? Also maybe you can hit a hurricane kick on them as well after it in the corner. Also try to see if you can juggle after there alpha counters on them as well.

You’re talking Hyper sucky right? I’ll check some of those out.

You can cancel any normal in GS-Ism with, just remember heavy attacks have longer hit frames so you have to wait longer before you cancel. The only one that might not be worth using is c.hp, as it doesn’t cause knockdown; not on normal sized characters anyway.

yea hyper…

Oh yea vs sodom and cody as well, in any of those darkstalker isms type bull shit can you cancle his sweep with a special? So could you chain combo to duck foward(second hit that is), or duck roundhouse, then hurricane kick to juggle them? Or even punch super?

Nahh, it’s the same except you can chain normals.

I tried Vs Sodom and it seems Guy can only Bushin Chain, super on A3 Sodom, period. That’s mid screen and corner. I found it harder to do it mid screen with A2 and A2G Guy, but I had problems linking it so that might be down to my sucky execution. I didn’t try it on Cody…

Edit: On Cody it seems normal. BC, super mid screen and corner with A1 Guy… Again like I said before it was a lot harder if not impossible mid screen with A2 and A2 Guy.

Can I ask, why did you want to try it with Cody aswell? Did you think Sodom’s whiffing might have been Final Fight related?

Also it’s too late now, I can’t be bothered to test the Alpha Counters, maybe in the morning.

Yea the bushin combo stuff for the most part only works vs a3ish cahracters. Not before…

But the juggle glitch with cody and sodom type combos works on any version of there character.

What juggle glitch?

Ahh, I see. Sorry I couldn’t have been more help to you.

its cool dont worry… I guess I should say it is possible to hit a punch super after a bushin combo(at least it was in a1 dunno about a1 in hyper since there not the same)… But when ever it acctualy worked it was like luck, I almost think there was a trick to it in the game. shrug


didnt I already post what it was in the begining of this thread, and in the other SF thread… sigh…

Anyway cody and sodom anyway version can be juggled by stuff that shouldnt be possible for some reason. That wasnt in the “normal” versions of the game. Its only in hyper for some reason. Example you can juggle them after say throws, were your not suppose to. Say sodom vs sodom I can SPD then juggle after it. Or say sagats knee bash throw, I can now juggle after it. Even though your not suppose to be able to. Guy can do duck foward vs them, then juggle after it. Also a2/a2gold guy can qcb+p then juggle after it on them.

Also I should note none of this stuff works if your a alpha 3 character vs them. Go figure…

Anyway thats just off the top of my head. I dont have the game just randomly messed with it for a bit. So thats why I was wondering if you can get any other wierd juggles on them like maybe even after alpha counter or something.

The new teleport for Guy in Red S-ism functions pretty much like M.Bison’s in Marvel vs. SF meaning that there are one of six locations Guy can teleport to and you can pick the location you wish pretty precisely (top three punch buttons place upper left/jab, upper middle/strong, and upper right/fierce and the three kick buttons place bottom left/short, bottom middle/medium, and bottom right/roundhouse).

Some notes on the new teleport:

  • Works ok as an anti-fireball move when Guy has a super. For example, if you are standing a full screen away on the right and you see your opponent start to throw a fireball on the far left, motion d,d+short, buffer HCBx2 while you are in mid air from the teleport and tap punch instantly when you land to super grab them while they recover from the fireball delay (I suppose you can also go for a standard throw if you want to be less flashy or lack super meter).

  • A great work around for Guy’s less than impressive anti-air game. If they get on top of you simply d,d + kick or whatnot to teleport away and make the jump in whiff while resetting the situation.

  • Guy now becomes even cheaper than claw Vega at running away. If you try to rush down he can teleport away to the opposite side of the screen during your jump in, and he is still very fast at walking and can double jump over your head off the wall, etc. like always.

  • If you desire to back away you can two in one into the teleport from any cancellable move. Say you are in an in close poking game and you want to back away without risking getting hit by a super while walking or jumping backwards. Simply cancel a blocked cr. MP into D,D + kick to retreat.

  • A final note, since Guy cannot attack or defend at all until landing from the teleport, the only useful teleport options are with the kick buttons. The punch buttons drop you from the top of the screen which increases the time you are vulnerable, and since you cannot attack, is too slow to use offensively.

The teleport is FAST though, from it’s startup until the time where Guy can attack again and IMO is now the best teleport type move in the game.

I have a question regarding A3 Guy. (Need Flashget to download)

In the match between V-Ryu and A-Guy at the second round, Guy lands this combo:

s.strong, lvl3 kick super, at corner juggle with bushin combo, walks back a tad, s.strong s.fierce chain, qcf+P,P.

The problem I’m trying to figure out is how he juggled with the s.strong s.fierce chain to qcf+P,P after juggling with the bushin combo. Everytime I get to that part, it seems that I cannot juggle with anything else. If anybody can figure this out I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

What version of SFA3 are you playing?

The opponent should not be able to air recover after the bushin chain, regardless of weather or not you hit a neutral state, and you should be able to at least hit them (can you hit them with anything at all?).

All you should have to do is hold back after you hit with the last hit of the bushin chain (the RH), and then press SP->FP xx qcf+P->P

The way I do that combo is: s.strong s.fierce chain, lvl3 kick super – at corner walk forward into bushin chain, walk back s.strong s.fierce chain, qcf+P,P

And the grab only works for player 2 (player 1 won’t cross up).

[Edit]: If the lvl.3 kick super ends in the corner then try backing up. The A3 corner juggle limit might be effecting it. In other words, start at about roughly midscreen and try to aim it so that the lvl.3 kick super ends with you just outside of the corner – then walk forward and do the bushin chain, then walk back and do the SP->FP chain. The bushin chain should move you forward enough to put you in the corner.

[Edit2]: On a side note, you can also walk backwards and do the bushin chain if you’re really close to the corner, but it’s harder for some reason.

Yes I am refering to Alpha 3 Guy from Alpha 3 (Arcade Perfect).

I know that the opponent is not able to air recover after the bushin chain, but the only part of the combo I cannot complete is how to land the last three hits (sp>fp chain, qcf+p,p). And yes I know walking backwards after the bushin chain is crucial to connecting it. The Guy player in the vid did the same thing. I’m gonna keep on trying it. Maybe holding back after bushin chain instead of just waiting after the recovery will help, but thanks alot for your input Ross. I know you know your A3 stuff pretty well so I trust your input. Maybe when we see each other next time at C3, we could try figuring this out together and just have some more casuals.

Well, I’m sure it’s the corner juggle limit that’s causing the whiff to occur.

I’m sure you’ve seen it a bunch of times, but this gives me an excuse to try out a youtube vid.


Starting outside the corner avoids the corner juggle limit. I slowed down the whiff cuz I wanted to fuck around with video editing, lol.


You’re right. Being away from the wall does make all the difference. Thanks alot for making that vid and showing how it’s done. It was also nice how you showed you could do 2 bushin run feints to gain enough bar to do another combo into a lvl 1. A-Guy is too sweet! :tup:

No problem. Guy has like a million combo variations. Especially player 2 Guy.

When you say player 2 Guy do you mean purple Guy or when Guy is on the player 2 side?

Most likely when he’s on the player 2 side… meaning you’re to the right of the opponent, and you’ve got him trapped in the left corner. Alpha 3 has several situations like this, where combos perform differently in one corner than they do in the other.