Guy Training Video Analysis by DROPKICK



Hey, wassup GUY players. I created some of these videos trying to hone my skills in Street Fighter and in this series I analyze my own matches. Hopefully everyone can learn from my own mistakes and get some entertainment from me getting my ass whooped at least. Check it out!


I was also in the process of making a deeper analysis video so if you guys wanna see that please check out my youtube page.

Here’s the Deep Analysis Video


You could have just put this in the Video thread just so there’s no clutter on the thread.


Alright… first off, stop jumping in so much, Guy has a floaty jump, its easy to anti air, aside from using elbow to basically bait DPs you shouldn’t jump in on most characters cause certain normals and of course the DPs just beat his air normals. You should stick to mostly jumping when they are knocked down for the majority of the match. Guy isn’t meant to jump in since his air normals aren’t the best. You should focus on poking and feeling around your opponent. Similar to what Bisons and Chun will do. Use st mk/mp/hp/hk,, don’t use cr hk often its an easy read when it comes to good opponents and its easily beaten by reaction whatever or Focus. Trust me.

You should focus on getting hard knockdowns, so you should OS Run/Slide when you are poking around with st mp or, (St mp buffer the qcf K) if the normal hits the run will initiate and all you need to do is react with mk, if it whiffs nothing will come out, if Run does come out either you buffered too late or you hit mk after the buffer. You can also buffer other moves but at certain ranges LP hozanto will whiff even if you get a counter hit and you would have to spend meter for EX hozanto ( St.MP ~ qcb lp or two punches)

After Target Combo (MP-HP) Runslide. Guy has a safe jump on most of the cast. (Doesn’t apply to characters that have slower wake ups, Cammy, Sagat, Blanka believes there is another but anyways, this will beat 4 frame reversals, (the reversal will come out but you have enough time to block, This won’t beat 3 frame reversals or faster. So Characters such as Ryu,Ken can DP you so you’ll have to empty jump. There are also character with Counters mainly Gouken that can beat your safe jump for free as well. Characters with EX SPD or Armoured grabs or Ultras that can catch safe jump are also a threat so you shouldn’t safe jump them when they have meter as they will more than likely catch you

Outside of Safejumping you should always come down with an OS, Beehol made a video for OS on every character and shows what are useful etc. However his Bison one I typically use MK tatsu just because it will actually beat EX Psycho Crusher rather than avoid it since he used MP hozanto but its up to you on that mark.

You should also use OS when in standard wake up pressure it has its uses every now and then.

You should learn the basis of Guy’s Pressure and mix up game, which consists of LP/MP Hozanto, Run/Stop, Run/Overhead, Bushin flip. you shouldn’t become autopilot though and mix it up with doing nothing or playing it safe with LP hozanto. (I would also suggest using TC rather than st mp alone in the beginning to condition your opponent)

You should know when to conserve meter and when to use it, some jump ins can easily be beaten by or or even grabbed by TK izuna. (Instant Kaiten Izuna.) This is essential to know because using EX tatsu all the time can result in getting baited for it, and you may even get gipped and only score one/two hits, one hit would do nothing two hits is fine but mostly want to aim for 3-4

Make use of frame traps and tick/kara throw. It’s essential in Guy’s game because throws lead to dirty/fake crossups and Frame traps just lead to big damage.

Learn to use both Ultras and what Ultra is better for the match up. Generally U1 can be used in all matchups due to its combo ability, But U2 has uses in others where the opponent may abuse a move that is “safe” but can be punished by U2, (U2 has a 1 frame start up so any move that is -1 and below can be grabbed if the character is in range and you get the reversal mark. Always aim for reversal. Aside from that U2 actually beats Safe jumps and empty safe jumps.

Guy takes some work, A lot of people say he’s easy but honestly in high level play, most of his gimmicks/traps won’t work, its basically down to solid play and knowing your matchups and making sure to make EVERY little thing you do count, just because is a momentum based character and he can lose that momentum very quickly and its hard for him to get it back especially when you don’t have meter.


Yeah, I’ve just recently picked up GUY and just trying him out initially I like him a lot. After making these series of videos, I’ve been working on a lot of what you’ve been talking about. I still don’t feel comfortable about the OS on wakeup after a RUN SLIDE. I neutral jump immediately after the slide and come down with either a FIERCE or a FORWARD and still miss on most characters and incidently my EX Tatsu comes out for them to punish afterwards. I just can’t seem to get the timing down on hitting them as meaty as possible. Either it’s too early or too late. Honestly, it’s just an execution error on my end. As for the counterhit setups, I feel like people are still spamming Cr. LP and still hit me out of it. I must be fighting the wrong people. LOLZ. I’ve tried using cr. LK or cr. LP into cr. HP and I keep getting tapped out of it. Timing maybe?


You can’t get the timing wrong for the neutral jump OS after run slide. Just hold up so you jump as early as possible. But pay attention to what Blooddrunk told you about which characters wake up later than others. You should not neutral jump OS any character with a 3 frame reversal or a delayed wake up. For 3 frame reversals you should do a delayed cr. throw tech OS after an empty neutral jump on hard knockdown. But this isn’t always a great option to go for.

I strongly disagee with this regarding Gouken, at least if you do empty safe jumps anyway. I think Gouken is more or less totally free for Guy. He more or less completely shuts down Gouken’s counter move game, has at least 3 ways of safely beating him out of his ‘demon’ flips, can run slide under fireballs on reaction. There’s just so many little things that make this a nightmare for Gouken. I’d love to play Bullcat and Infiltration to see what they try and do in this matchup. I say it’s at least 7-3 to Guy, if not 8-2 (particularly if you use U2).


Thanks man! I’m gonna take this into the training room and try to learn more about Guy’s setups after slide. What about after a late slide? Will it be the same timing? I’ll also try to make more videos of my Guy training so you guys can see how I’m coming along. But man, those counter hit setups are starting to hurt me. I did use the standing mk counter hit setup and it worked well enough. I did cr jab xx cr jab walk forward CH st. mk >> st. mp xx EX Shoulder. That cr.HP CounterHit Setup is still weird to me. I gotta get that timing down or something. LOLZ!


Basically Safejumps shoudl start your pressure, its easy to learn the timing of the when to press either Lp, Mk or HP when coming down, you just have to go into training mode and practice on Ryu or Ken they are general characters you should practice standard combos on, there are character specific combos for large characters etc and certain characters but you can see all that in the tutorial thread,

The Cr. HP frametrap is a big one. there’s 5-6 frames in between the cr.lp and cr HP but its good to use, you should also use the close st mk after one cr.lp since its easier to get it out rather than walking forward into a crouch tech, and you lead into another frame trap if they block it so its a win/win usually.

One thing is to learn meaty wake up normals, after runslide instead of doing a Safe jump you can dash forward twice (has to be immediate otherwise you can mess up your meaty and do a, or st mk or even cr HP for character who wake up slower. It’s nice for you to start pressure everything, you can even mix in anotehr immediate run slide (this will count as a safe jump btw) which is good to know or a cr HK which will set up into a meaty.