Guy Tutorial/Primer



If you’ve seen the FREEJ4Y DeeJay Primer. I’ll be doing the same for Guy, It’ll be done in a course of a month or so considering FREEJ4Y and I have lives and summer is almost over.

I’ll be covering everything I know about the character.

Normals/Throws/Specials/Supers/Ultras - including frame data and hitboxes
Basic description of the character’s playstyle.
Anti Airs.

Character specific combos
Basic Setups/Tech/Safejumps
Basic Pressure/Tick Throws
Basic Resets from Bushin Chain Throw/Ninja Sickle
Armour Cancels
Counterhit combos
Kara Throws

Uncrouchables- Covering how to do them and how to escape them.
Meaty setups/Combos
Run-Stop - Complete frame data and including the usage of EX Run.
Frame advantage/disadvantage from FADCs
Guy’s Mixup - Complete understanding of Guy’s mixup. Pros and Cons.
Option Selects/Advanced Wakeup options.

The Video will likely be broken down in several parts not just 3 depending on timing constraints and my need to keep folks attention. (Also me having my voice in a video for that long… just… :coffee:)

Anyways when I get the videos done etc. They will be posted to my youtube and I will link them here.



Good stuff. Can’t be sure whether Guy’s changes in Ultra will significantly change his role, but still looking forward to this, as the only Guy video tutorials I’ve seen are utter rubbish (bushin flip as a pressure tool, wtf?)


Blooddrunk looking forward to your videos I lack footsies I need abit of help on that.


Definitely looking forward to this.


yes please! need to update my tech


I, too, am always looking for assistance on upping my Guy game.


is there a youtube account that we should subscribe too or are we goin to get everything here?


Just going to get it here, since it’ll be a while. Freej4y just went on vacation and my weekends are packed so I’m going to just put things on notes, if anyone wants to see anything I do a small tidbit on it in whatever section this vid is going to put into parts so remember that.


Always interested in learning more.


I await your tutelage, Sensei…


It’ll be a while, we both have work and it’s hard to set a day to actually do the video, most of the time we end up having small sessions with friends. Hopefully soon, or if I get another xbox and streaming or recording equipment I can do it.


blood take your time do what you can.


yea ultra isn’t even here yet no rush needed.


Can’t wait


This could be just what I need to take my Guy a bit farther, can’t wait.


hows this coming along?


Gonna have to do it solo in someway. I’m actually no longer friends with Freej4y after a petty arguement. I might just wait until ultra at this point. Cause whatever changes could slightly change an outcome or something plus new combos and the like.


would make sense to wait, either way ill be eager to see the results :slight_smile: