Guy unblockable. needs more research

So far, I’ve only got this to work on cammy and viper. It is easiest on viper.

Very easy to test. I don’t have a way to record footage but you can replicate it. Choose viper as your character and guy as the training dummy, and record guy:

  1. forward throw
  2. hold UF after and jump twice, on 2nd jump MK

Try to block that, you cant. I have no idea why not. If she backdashes, then you land behind her and she backdashes right into your combo. The only reversal that will hit you out of it is HP thunder knuckle and in fact that seems to be the only way that she can avoid taking whatever combo you want to do. Option selecting an EX spinkick will take care of her other reversal options.

I got it to work vs. cammy also, by dashing twice after the throw, waiting a small bit, then tiny step forward and jump in. For her there’s “wait a tiny bit” thrown in there so human error screws it up a lot, but viper’s is idiot proof. Note that if you do it right vs. cammy, not even reversal uppercut can help her, it will miss under you.

Chun li has something similar to this vs fuerte that I used to have to deal with a lot in vanilla. I don’t know why these jumpins are unblockable, so if someone can explain that would be great, or better yet, if you can help me come up with reliable ways to set this up vs. more characters.

just tested this on viper. very strange! if viper holds back, guy will land a cross-over. if viper holds forward to block a cross over, guy will hit from the front.

i’ll do some more testing. good find!

edit: tested against the whole cast and holding UF w/o waiting only works on viper. cant get it to work on cammy. on another note, it looks like honda and guile will block it no matter which direction they hold

interesting, this will help in the viper match up

Will probably get patched with the tournament update coming if Capcom finds out about it.

I’m every character probably has this… I even think this existed in Alpha with some characters.

Well Alpha was full of infinites and glitches, I’m not sure that’s the way they want to take SSF4 through. If they find this out they’ll probably fix it, but it doesn’t look that broken neither.

well they wont add anything on tuesday’s patch since its already done and submitted two weeks ago at least. If it’s gone that means they already knew beforehand. It should be interesting to see if they fix things that weren’t listed.

Like I said, chun had this same thing vs. fuerte in vanilla and it’s still there in super. I’d highly doubt that this will get patched out.

I haven’t gotten this to work yet. So as soon as you throw do you immediately hold U/F to start jumping? Then on the 2nd jump just MK and it will either hit her or cross her up?

yup, just hold U/F after the forward throw and land a as she wakes up

I’m really hoping there are some stealth patches for character balance. It looks like early reports say that seth’s U2 block chip has been reduced… not sure if it’s confirmed though.

Dude this doesnt even make Guy broken, heck its only really useful against Viper. Now if it applied to the entire cast then I would say patch this shit. Chances are you wont see many vipers online and solely offline… and if you are playing someone offline, getting them in a throw will be difficult because most will know how to crouchtech and if this isn’t patched will probably be well aware of this. Now my question is we know Viper cant block or backdash this. But can she beat this with EX seismo, EX Burn Kick or U1?

I think you misread my intent. I didn’t mean that I hope they patch this. I was hoping there would be some stealth buffs/nerfs in general between all characters that would further flatten the tier list… maybe bringing Guy up a little.

To stay on topic though… i’ve had this happen to me in my opponent’s favor… I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but I went for a crossup MK after a knockdown and my opponent did a wakeup reversal ultra. Instead of landing behind them, I landed in front (looked glitchy) and I ate the ultra. If memory serves me correctly, it was guile’s sonic hurricane. Hasn’t happened since, but then again I haven’t been playing as many guiles lately since the daigo craze may have died down.

Wild guess, but holding back to block probably causes Viper to go into a separate blocking animation with different hitboxes, different enough to cause the jMK to hit no matter what Viper does? If this is the case, Viper can probably block it by attempting to block just before the MK would hit.

The hitboxes on Guy’s jMK are important too, as otherwise Viper would be facing this same problem from the entire cast (though maybe she does and people just need to figure out their own setups)

TC, Did you try setting Viper to “All Block” in training Mode? And can Viper escape this trap if she does EX Burn Kick?

I answered 3/4 of the questions that have been asked in this thread in the original post. The only reversal that will work to escape it is HP thunder knuckle, all others lose to option select. If you just cut the jump short and fake with elbow you can bait HP thunder knuckle. So it’s a pretty good 50/50 that is going to lead to her eating a damaging combo. Since you know the combo wont be blocked, you dont have to scale your combo with jabs either, you can just do the maximum damage combo off the jumpin, no hit confirmation necessary.

If you put it on all block she will block. But a player cannot block this as far as I can tell.

I know this is not viper specific because other characters have had similar unblockables to this since vanilla. The question is, can we find setups for other characters. I described how I got it to work against cammy also, it is not off of holding UF but off of 2 dashes, then you have to wait a brief moment and take a small step. Stuff like that is really bad on error, since I am sure the spacing and timing to make it unblockable is really precise. Need to find setups like “dash then jump” or “hold UF” etc, stuff that’s idiot proof. Those are always best.

It is by no means broken or overpowered, it is escapable with HP TK so you still have to mix it up and the only setup I know of currently comes off of a techable throw.

I showed Sanford this today. He laughed and creamed on himself while rolling on the floor.

Yo Ugh!

Inversely, I tried this same setup on Boxer and no matter which direction I tried to block, it auto blocked. He can only wake up with ex dash straight. Everything else whiffs.

tried this out today… indeed it is unblockable… another good way to mix it up is to have a very very small delay before the second jump … its not really noticeable thanks to guys floaty jump even if you move just about a frame… it crosses up the HP TK and you get a free combo…


Once Guy throws and when he does 2nd jump and is about to cross you up your stick must be in neutral postion . You have to block this setup as if it were a parry. If you are already holding block trying to stop the setup you will get hit with it.

Out of anyone, leave it to Wolfkrone to find a way to block it with Viper. Hahaha.

How strict is the timing? I know you said it’s like a parry, but do you know the leniency? How many frames does it feel like?