Guy vs Chun

Okay so I have been looking through the guy forums as well as the chun forums looking for a hint of insight on what Guy should do vs chun outside the corner and I haven’t found much. Her cr mk destroys alot of guys cross up and elbow options and her footsie games destroys him. If someone can give a little info on what I should do please post, I am totally lost in this matchup :confused:

Don’t jump in… tat all unless its for a safe jump, also you’re best option to crossup is a safejump cross up, mainly because the timing for the cr mk becomes almost impossible, Footsies is your best way to go and you are most likely going to just whiff punish, …but we have v2012 coming in… so this will have to wait.

Yeah bro if I was you I would wait only because most if not everything will change character wise in v12 though I’m still practicing. But if you just trying to practice and get adjusted to the game or Guy. Then I’ll tell you that Chun’s normal’s can beat out Guy in air and ground try not to abuse his his elbow drop because she can air throw just about everything unless your using Bushin flip elbow. Beware her jumps in don’t focus because her Strong HP takes up two hits so use normal’s anti air against her. Pending on who you play and if that person is that good with Chun Li it’ll be a match of patience, footsies as mentioned and ground game but make her attack first and counter. Use that for now until v12 comes out then we’ll see what the forums map out for Guy Match-ups.

I main both characters but since im on AE PC i can’t comment on the new 2012 stuff. Like said above chun has a great jumpin and a very good anti-air move, which reduces her hitbox to basically underground levels. i’m kind of new to SF4 but footsies against chun with guy? isn’t that in chun’s favor like 9-1?

Mostly yeah she has superior normals but that is why you whiff punish.

how is the bushin flip wake up game? She CAN be thrown out of ex spinning bird yes? i know you can delay safe jump and ex izuna her out of it. so stylish XD. Also in this matchup I like to stay a little closer than mid range and do st mp xx run stop every once in a while to test them out. after first round I go for run stop grab/overhead mixups although unsafe has gotten me some wins against really good chuns

Bushin Flip wake up game is a joke if a person knows how to nullify it, [press a crouch normal at the right time to avoid the throw.] It’s basically asking to be punished if they can time it perfectly it. It may still be a one frame but its a much bigger risk. There is the option of using a deep elbow drop for mix up but thats about it, She also can be air grabbed out of her back dash.

Bumping this thread, as I find the mathup a complete nighmare, and most of the posts were made before 2012.

Hasnt really changed really

Something I noticed against Chun-Li, to make her burn her bars unnecessarily. If you go for an elbow drop or flip elbow as she’s waking up, and you position it so you land right on top of her head, if she goes for reversal EX spinning bird kick you will either get hit by only the 1st hit (pathetic damage) or knock her out of it. It’s also possible to meaty LP/EX bushin flip grab her out of it as well. I try to make her waste her meter on stuff like that so she can’t use EX lightning kick in combos as much.

But why would she EX SBK if she sees you doing elbow or Bushin flip , they just go for lows and avoid everything. I swear this bitch goes soo low J.MK is also so hard to hit her with.

So use and deep so it will hit the low profile

Run Slide, FADC Mix-Ups: You can gain a greater mix-up against Chun Li using Run Slide, FADC, Back Dash, Forward Jump. For example: Close stMp into RS, FADC, Back Dash then from here you will have generally four mix-ups; a. Cross-up Mk (Safe). b. Empty Jump (Unsafe). c. Low Bushin Flip thats timed (Uncrouchable). d. Elbow Drop (Unsafe). Ways to land this: 1. Walk up crLk, crLp, stMp into RS, FADC. 2. Jump in or Cross-up then close stMk, stMp into RS, FADC. 3. Target Combo into RS, Neutral Jump crLk, stMp into RS, FADC. 4. Focus Crumple into forward dash, stMk, stMp into RS, FADC or use close stHp into RS, FADC (cancel the RS late then FADC). note: You can use this mid-screen and for the corner I recommend starting the mix-up with Cross-up Mk.

Ive had mixed success baiting EX SBK with neutral jumps after a knock down and then grabbing her out of it with lp Izuna. If she does wakeup EX SBK, Ill always grab her, but if she delays it the grab will whiff and I eat an EX SBK (but its so cool when it does work :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Yea but am talking about the J.MK/Elbow drop mixup , its stupid that they both whiff .

You can punish Chun-Li’s cr.HK with cr.LK on block anywhere but max distance.

Anyone else get this: after run slide combo, NJ HP, you can only get one cr.lp to hit on block…the second whiffs and if she was mashing ex legs, you get hit. It’s pretty annoying.

I’ve been working on backdashing after a block string and punish whiffed ex legs - but she recovers so fast.

It happens on her a lot. Now I mostly opt for lp,lk. or plink lk., or cr.hp.

Frame trapping her in general seems risky cos her ex legs come out so fast and she’s +1 on block I think? I would go for the cr.hp frame trap if she has no meter, but otherwise I just play defensive, use true strings, or throw.

Also, jumping HK seems to beat her low profile invisibility - but it has to be done late into the jump. That means she can jump fierce you air to air for good dmg because you’re having to hit HK so late. Safest approach is probably to stick to the ground game and use st.MK, ex run for fireballs, spaced running overhead.

Maybe online but offline, mashing ex legs isn’t exactly going to work since you’ll either A- See it cause the players body movement or B- Hear it from the mashing. You’ll more than likely deal with EX Spinning bird offline than EX legs.

Don’t even try to do a distanced run overhead often. At least the Chun players I’ve played will just that on reaction.