Guy VS Dhalsim help



I have no idea how to handle Dhalsim as Guy, and there isn’t anything in the match up topic, any tips?


Basically you need to get close and not let him escape, he can’t really fight back when you keep attacking him, just mix up your block strings and frame traps with throws and over heads to keep catching him off guard and making him guess. Also if he just blocks you can use hozantos to do some chip damage.
To get close you can attack his limbs when he attacks from a distance, is good for this.
Some ways to beat his long range moves.
St.HP: can be beat with which you can cancel into a run or bushin flip to get closer while hes being hit. also focus can be useful against it, either you can focus dash through his arms or you can absorb the hit and release to hit his arms while they’re still streched.
J.HP: can be beat with sthk,, ex tatsu, st.lp,, and probably others depending on the distance and timing, basically the time they usually use this is to jump back and hit you overhead, so watch out at that range, and again you can focus it, then dash in and so the most badass juggle combo you can think off.
Also most of his air attacks can be beat with a normal elbow drop.
When you have enough meter it should be much easier to get in, you can use ex run to dash through pretty much anything he does and slide under fireballs or neck flip over them, plus you can use ex bushin flip to go through fireballs.
If he throws a fireball he will probably try to throw something else out so you dont focus thorugh it or jump over it or whatever, so try to counter his next move as well, if he jumps you can use tatsu to go over the fireball and hit him out of the air, if he does st.hp you can ex run or if you want to be really cool, hit his arms with then cancel into ex run, tatsu or ex bushin flip to go through the fireball while hes in hitstun.
if you use on his wakeup and he does wakeup ultra, you can kara cancel into mk tatsu (not ex tatsu though because you will still land on the ultra) or ex bushin flip to counter it and its really easy because you get the screen freeze from the ultra to let you know.


Just on that last note about cancelling the overhead - if you do it too late to hit Sim meaty, you won’t be able to cancel it and you’ll just get hit by the Ultra! If Sim also has Super, that’s really gonna hurt. Either perform the overhead late and at a distance so you don’t get caught by a wakeup throw (coz we know Sim’s are all bloody throw-happy!) or use another normal to hit Sim meaty which you can cancel into MK Tatsu (or EX Run~Slide if you really want the untechable knockdown).

Sounds like IZIEIRIOI has it down more - personally I still have trouble swaying the momentum of this matchup in my favour, particularly in the first round when I have no Super metre to abuse EX Run through Sims limbs. And then when I do get in, if I get caught by a back Throw I gotta work to get back in again!

I want more experience in this matchup :3


-Remember if Dhalsim does meaty Yoga Flame upon your wake up, you can reversal with mk.bsk.

-Most Dhalsim players like to mash on or crouch tech when you are rushing them down. You can prevent this by initiating a true block string (cr.lp x3), or stagger your links purposely to guarantee a counter hit confirm (, cr.lp,

-Keep Dhalsim players guessing by changing the angle of your jump. Also, Elbow Drop beats most of Dhalsim’s poorly timed long range pokes. A decent way of racking up damage.

-Every successful run~slide finisher should be followed up by a neutral or lp along with an OS mp.honzanto. This shuts down Dhalsim’s teleport.


how do u kara cancel with guy?


Guy’s overhead (forward + MP) can be cancelled into special moves during its start up frames. So, in order to cancel Guy’s overhead into a special move, input the overhead and then quickly input the special move. For example, overhead cancelled into EX Hozanto would look like this: :f::mp:, :qcb::2p:.


if you land a bushin flip throw dash forward and jump for perfect crossup distance, OS mp hozanto to force them to block, unless they know about the brain dead wake up slide//most low attacks).

Start of round buffers are particularly useful, ex. hozanto if you have it is better than run/slide IMO as it almost starts him in the corner.

The kara-overhead should be a late round trump card, and should only be brought out when he has super(NOT ULTRA) it really sucks having no viable reversals(ever play a matchup where you KNOW if you wake up ex bsk they’ll fall through it? imagine that except it takes your whole meter to have a viable reversal) it’s super demoralizing and in most cases your next frame trap will work because they’ll be mind f’d.

if he does a wake up ultra one, throw him, mk bsk him, ex run/slide, or ex bsk him. any of those beat his ultra, just make sure you aren’t doing anything to him on wakeup(i haven’t done extensive testing in the lab as i base this solely on matchup experience, but depending on how fast his ultra starts up you might be able to meaty c. short > mk bsk if you actually wanted to pressure his wake up, sadly can’t get on my xbox to test this right now).

you HAVE to approach sim on the ground until you know the player, Jumping against sim is not an option at almost anytime. then when you know the player better you want to get in by judging his fireball preferred distance with bushin flips, and find out how he reacts to those, 9/10 times he’ll mash throw, in which case a nasty trick is is instantly ex bushin flip again(especially useful if he has a reversal super stocked), landing the flips are GREAT for pressure in this match up.

Don’t be afraid to lame sim out if you have the life lead, sitting full screen your fierce punch will beat almost every form of teleport he has, it’s especially important to have this sort of patience if you’re running a set vs. a good sim player.

The sniper should always be punished(even on hit) with run slide, I’m 95% sure it’s always punishable and feel anytime i’ve ever missed it was a executional error on my part.


great advice man, thanks.


One thing you gotta keep in mind is Dhalsim’s normals are good against Guy. So as it was already mentioned and I know im pretty late but stay grounded as much as you can.


EX Run can be a lovely friend too, and focus dashing.


Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for Dhalsim in AE 2012:

For undocumented changes and discussion, please check out this thread in the Dhalsim forums:


what would be the ‘‘to-go’’ anti-air if he instant air teleport behind you and you have no meter to do ex BSK?

faced a lot of Sims doing yoga fire to force me blocking then teleport behind right after… without meter, is blocking my only option?


MK Tatsu, TK Izuna, Any normal that will hit high enough,HK tatsu if the fireball isn’t too close.


Safe Jumps: 1. Run Slide, Neutral Jump Attack (Safe from Ex Yoga Blast and Super, Unsafe from Ultra 1). 2. corner only - after the third hit of Ex Tatsu, after Ex Hozanto, Medium Hozanto or Fierce Hozanto, Neutral Jump Attack (Safe from Ex Yoga Blast but Unsafe from Super and Ultra 1). 3. corner only - Forward Throw, Forward Dash, Back Dash, Forward Jump Mk or Elbow Attack (Safe from Ex Yoga Blast but Elbow Drop is Unsafe from Super and Ultra 1). 4. corner only - Back Throw your opponent in the corner then Back Dash, Forward Jump Mk or Elbow Drop (Safe from Ex Yoga Blast but Unsafe from Super and Ultra 1). 5. corner only - After Guy’s Super Combo do Forward Dash, Back Dash, Forward Jump Mk or Elbow Drop (Safe from Ex Yoga Blast but Elbow Drop is Unsafe from Super and Ultra 1).


Hozanto Patterns: 1. TC into RS, Back Dash, Low Hozanto. (This beats wake grab, normals, focus, yoga tower, ex yoga flame, whiffs against ex yoga blast) [Loses against Back Dash, Super and Ultra 1]. If Dhalsim teleports you can beat it on reaction with Ex Hozanto. Also if you want to beat Back Dash use a slightly delayed Medium Hozanto which does 32 chip on block but loses to everything else. 2. TC into Low Hozanto, then quickly Forward Dash, Fierce Hozanto. (beats everything stated above) [loses to everything stated above, also on-block loses to crLk and Super]. Example 1. midscreen - TC into Low Hozanto, Forward Dash, Fierce Hozanto (Dhalsim Techs and teleports back) react with Ex Hozanto. Example 2. midscreen - TC into RS, Back Dash, Low Hozanto (hits on wake), Forward Dash, Fierce Hozanto (Dhalsim blocks it, but you gained 40 chip). Example 3. midscreen - Use Medium Hozanto to beat Dhalsim Fire ball, Forward Dash Twice, Fierce Hozanto (Dhalsim Techs and Back Dash but got beat by Hozanto ).


Am I the only one here that tries to punish an air-normal or a teleport by hitting Standing Light Punch? It’s pretty fast and has a good hitbox for it in my opinion. Just wondering if you guys use it.


Limited Vortex (recommend corner only): TC into RS, FADC Back Dash, then… A. Forward Jump Cross up Mk. B. Forward Jump Elbow Drop. C. delay Low Bushin Flip for Uncrouchable. D. Empty Jump or Fake Lk cross up. Cross up Mk, Elbow Drop and Empty Jump is Safe from Ex Yoga Blast, but not Bushin Flip. Also only Cross up Mk and Empty Jump is Safe from wake up Super and Ultra 1. (note: this set up works best with Dhalsim pinned in the corner, also I don’t recommend starting vortex from Cross up Mk because your Cross up Mk is likely to whiff against Dhalsim’s wake up since he will be out side of the corner).


@ Little_Nem_, yes I also use it. In fact I used stLp successfully against a Dhalsim last week. Also I believe, if you block his yoga snipe, you should be able to chase him down with RS. Also if you block his yoga mummy and yoga drill, Ex Tatsu should win.


Here are some sets between me and Snafoo a very good Dhalsim player from Canada.

Matches are at
6:30 and 7:54

Please watch and see how the losers Finals unfold. There are many examples of how to open Dhalsim up


Meaty Run Setup Examples: 1. Land Run Slide, Back Dash, instant Ex Run Slide. This setup beats alot of stuff on Dhalsim’s wake up including Ultra 1 and Super except if you have Dhalsim in the corner. On Block Guy should recover in time to tech his throw or to beat or trade with Dhalsim’s normals. The risk vs reward appears to be in Guy’s favor more-so mid-screen. If Dhalsim teleport Guy should be able to punish with stMp. Be aware though, Dhalsim can Focus Attack but I’m not sure if it’s enough to Focus Crumple. Also I’m not sure about Dhalsim’s wake up Ultra 2. Dhalsim can Back Dash, though you can slightly delay Ex Run Slide to catch Back Dash if you know the Dhalsim player established a bad habit of Back Dashing on his wake up. As in all things be careful because the timing is somewhat strict for Ex Run Slide. 2. As for mix ups just use Neck Flip and Run Stop (run stop then throw is good). [by the way this is my second account, for some reason I cannot login my main account]