Guy Watch (Evo)

I’ve been at work so I havent had a chance to watch Evo. But has there been any sightings of high level Guy players? If so, post here with thoughts.

guy just got SMACKED my VEGA’s OWN JOZHEAR !!!

What Asasin jaY said… He didnt look that amazing for a Guy, but that may just be because Jozhears Vega is great. I’d say he was average-ish.

D’Nyce went in but no luck and switched to Balrog.

Yah guy has it tough. It seemed when he got that super off and applied pressure it was pretty easy to get out because guy is so slow. Just crank up his speed capcom!

Agreed or at least give him his range from Alpha. Compensate us here… I go back to Alpha so many times I use st MP and st MK respectively a lot…

thats what im sayin i kno JOZHEAR , i play wit vega also

don’t count to see many Guys at evo because people want to win. I only saw one guy in the many hours of watching evo and he was about average and lost. I’d say a good player will only bring guy out if the match up is about even, but even then its very unlikely. I told u guys, guy is not tournament viable

…love the pun

Its cause no one wants to put the time in… If i went I’d still go Guy/Cody since those are my characters. I would never doubt Guy, but i guess its all the pressure thats put on people just go for the easier characters… watch after some big event… and someone places high with Guy everyone will be all OH SHIT GUY IS A BEAST… or after Arcade Release.

I think the nerves must have gotten the best of the Guy players on the stream because they couldnt seem to get anything going.

D’nyce almost had a nice comeback on sanchez but Codys raw combo strength fucks Guy up badly.

they should sponsor kiryu for evo. I wonder how he’d do

I would have liked to see Kiryu and Allioune show people the true power of Guy!

Well BR was going to run Guy vs Jwong’s Rufus and the match starts and the stream died. I hate the world right now.


GRAAAAAAAH! NOOOO! Stupid stream!

and of course… it comes back AFTER the match against jwong is completely over. that’s some BULLSHIT… finally got to see a guy against a high level player. and the stream cuts out.

He started off well too, he got Jwong down like 50% before it died.

Shit never happens during Tekken…:crybaby:

I was so excited as soon as the characters were chosen…

Who won? Does anyone know?