Guy (with limbs) beats up quadruple amputee girlfiend

“She’ll swing, push me down and choke me with her nubs,” Smith told the Pioneer Press.

I know this is :looney: but I dont know if I should be like :wtf: or :rofl:

Isn’t there a quadruple amputee MMA (or UFC dunno which, just saw the video) competitor?

Man those guys are deadly, certainly not as harmless as one would expect.

That is some freaky deaky shit right there. Money look like a fake ass T I.

Must be some very, *very *strange sex.

Yes, that was my first thought on the subject.

aren’t quad amputee women cum dumpsters, if I remember the joke??

Yup, sounds like she had it comin.







Poor girl must have been all up in arms after getting beat up.

Sounds like she’s heavily armed.


Kyle Maynard would have been able to take him :smiley:

She gave him the R.Kelly super :lol:

Meh, this thread will die soon.

It just doesn’t have legs.


The “cute, helpless, miserable quadruple amputee”-stereotype as popularized by anime and the webcomic “Nana’s everyday life” is clearly not very realistic. :coffee:

I can’t believe he’d attack an unarmed woman.

she should get one of those cat claws like the bad guy from enter the dragon.

Shes actually the one who’s armed and dangerous…


This thread isn’t going anywhere…

she told him she wanted to get fucked, so he threw her in the ocean


No legs mean’s she’s just a torso with a vagina on one end.

After the beat down she was crawling on all fours.