Guy with no legs in MMA


I cannot believe how quick he was with that takedown.

Must be the yellow hair.


Wow, I can’t believe my eyes. That guy has some serious skill and dedication.

He can’t pull guard, but his standup is strong.

he has potential, but the day he gets owned will be painful to watch

For real. But from what I saw, it was real impressive.

wt? april fools?

rolled me real hard

Got me.



Here as well.


At least he doesn’t have to worry about leg locks.

got rolled twice in one day… dam

i’ll probably die today… :confused:

Damn it!

son of a bitch…

I can’t believe shit like this slides on SRK…

You got me though… you got me… :lovin:


dramatic zoom out


how did i eat this almost a month later…


I heard the dude with no legs lost is previous fight to a skinny 6’'2 asian guy. The referee stop the fight for multiple low blow to the nuts. I guess he couldn’t reach higher. :rolleyes:

(got me too Merdoc)

Son of a bitch!