Guy with no legs in MMA

haha. i was all excited when i read the thread title too :rofl:

first dude had decent calves though. he had that victory dance down pat. fuckin did he just sing/say something to that card girl? swag

hehe, made me think of this old vid

That is fucking awesome.


That shit was dope.

Sweet, respect due to that guy for overcoming the odds and his defect.

Also reminded me of this one-legged soccer guy:

That one legged footballer is good hoppin round the field like mad problem is as u can see in the video he has to stop then shoot seein as he only has one leg

that just beats the moment N-Ken AAA’d max 300

Fucking bastard

Damn you and your sticking for legitimacy!!!



That fighting style is awesome! How he sneaked behind the giant guy! He should change hairstyle imo!

:rofl: My thoughts exactly when I saw it. :rofl:

Crazy. Good shit.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen [media=youtube]bs3gr86TnZY[/media]

fuck you and that white devil with the voice of zeus

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I don’t know which vid is a roll and which isn’t! stop linking to youtube!

He’s cheating! He has 3 points of contact!

why…damn you all…