Guy with no legs in MMA

First six posts were God-Like.

haha fell for it…wasn’t expecting that at all…

Wow, I can’t believe I actually believed that


nice plays DDR better than me and I have 2 legs :lovin:

the greatest american hero :wink:

damn i actually fell for this


Admit it… You fell for it…

[media=youtube]Z5UX3P-SULY[/media] O_o

that was inspiring

that guy can roll

that’s almost as cool as this:

Sick…hes pretty quick.

Nearly 16 million people Rick Rolled… jesus

That’s some dynamite armbar defense


So…how bout a guy with no legs AND no arms in MMA…

Looks like its not just a joke anymore…wow.

ofcourse … he lost … what a silly silly idea. wrestling, sure…mma? duhhhhh NO.