haven’t been around much. i’ll try to post more often


Your colouring is top notch man. Though he looks a little dwarf-ish… uh… short.


thats nice…really great colour on that drawing- Awesome.

As aformentioned, he does seem a bit stout- from his SF alpha days he seemed a bit taller…a Minor oversight, great work man.:wink:


Yeah a bit on the short side, but maybe that’s your style so I won’t knock on that. Everyone has a different way of drawing so I think this is good. Colors are great and I can tell right away your using painter?


thanks everybody. he did look pretty short…i added about 3 inches.

SFMC: thanks, man. i did use painter 7

peace all


Nice, very nice!

And yes, the coloring is Top-Teir.




another great pic from jal, great stuff nuff said:D :lol:

keep them comin’ i would love to see more rival schools stuff


he is posing as strider hiryu !


Hell, I like it. Great Job.


I don’t know what these guys mean by him looking short, his size seems quite right to me. The only things I have gripes about are his hair and his…ARMOR? The hair needs to be a tad bit more refined and the ???ARMOR??? needs to look more like padding. BTW guy, do you take requests? :smiley: