Guy's air/command grab

How to avoid this on wakeup?

If he does it while I’m on the ground on wakeup, I feel like I can’t get out of it, he can just keep doing it until KO.

I tried jumping, gets hit. Counter gets hit. Dash gets hit. Does anything work? I know I must be doing something wrong here.

While I’m at it, how do you avoid shit like Zangief doing a SPD on wakeup, or Makoto’s command grab?

I’m mostly playing as Juri right now, but still huge noob status.

halp :open_mouth:

Guy’s air/command grab - Hold down/back on wakeup.

Other grounded command grabs - Either backdash, neutral jump, or backwards jump.

It’s like a demon flip where it will only grab you if you’re standing

Thanks for the quick replies. Another noob question, how do you avoid Chun/Guile’s air throws?

Also how do you avoid a level 3 focus on wakeup? If the opponent times it right it seems like it’s unbeatable.

Also if anyone wants to invite me on Xbox live (name is Udderdude, surprise) I’m currently on being crap, if someone actually good wants to show me the ropes I’d appreciate it. Having MSN for instant communication would prob. help too.

Use a Reversal on wakeup. EX Wheel Kicks?

Is that her only reversal? If so, if I don’t have meter am I screwed?

You’re forced to stand on the first frame though, so if spaced and timed right it can get you. Backdash works best or any move that’s throw invincible.

Reversal only means using a special/super/ultra on the first frame after being knocked down, in block stun or in hit stun. Also, a non-fireball reversal gains armourbreaking properties, so any pinwheel kick as a reversal is good to break those level 3 focus attacks. Beware however, they can also just charge up the focus attack to bait your reversal pinwheel kick and backdash before you get up so they can punish you after they blocked your reversal.