Guy's Alt Fixed With Photoshop

I know a lot of guy players hated his Alt’s blue pants so I photoshop’d them to fit more appropriately. You guys can request different color schemes for this and anyone of Guy’s alts and I will do it. I might even work on putting scars or blood on him, whatever you guys think. Just let me know, it can be as simple as changing his pants color, or as complex as removing the sleeves from his shirt.

Shoutuouts to WESTNiNE9, he has been a big help to the thread! Thanks man, keep up the good work!

P.S. Please keep in mind that some requests may take longer than others, and I may not get to some of you. (Getting ready for EVO next year.) So just post your requests and I will let you know if I am working on yours.

Original Fixed
Bushinryu’s Requests
Mista Klutch Requests
WESTNiNE9’s (The One’s I Like) (Just Cuz Teh Blue Hair)
MADma3str0’s Requests
Blooddrunk’s Requests
K1’s Requests
ShineErection’s Requests
x_Rock_Lee_x’s Requests
Mista Klutch’s Requests

So sorry guys, I have been hella busy. Shoutouts to WESTNiNE9 helping out while I was gone. Consider him my partner in making this thread. As you can see I have updated to show all the requests. Guys please nominate this for an article :]

this outfit would look better with only 1 color not 3 IMO.

I think it looks fine really, one color it is though, what color do you wish?

all blue(the same blue) i think it will look good.
keep boots black and there you go.

Okay I know you wanted one flat color but I had to keep the shirts effect, I think it still looks good let me know what you think. :sweat: Phew that took awhile lolz.

Dude that’s pretty bad ass! I had my questions about this alt’s color schemes and now I see that some of the schemes could work.

Thanks man, I was at school and we had a sub, so I was like, “I wonder what Guy’s alt would look like…” and it just came together. Still taking requests guys, I will do any alts that Guy has, including ones done by artists such as myself.


The new alternate costume is still bad ass nonetheless.

Dress Guy up as Naruto’s Orochimaru next please! Or Kakashi! Thanks Capcomz.

1: Are you saying the recolors are “Terrible”?
2: Are you serious about the alt?

Guy’s third costume should be Strider Hiryu.

I hate both 2nd and 3rd.

From the above pic, how about replacing the Navy Blue with White and the light blue with green? Or replace the Navy Blue with green and the light blue with white?

replace blue color with white grey-ish color i wanna see what it looks like.

Reminds me of

Mista Klutch: I will see what I can do with that, I’ll try both, and post the results.
Bushinryu: No problem, easy enough, I will have it up soon.
ElMouchoLoco: I tell you what, I have seen a Strider Hiryu Guy alt on deviantart, I will do a little editing with it and post it here with some recolors. It probably will be a day or so before I post it though.

This thread got me thinking too.
Here’s a few I thought up.

my favorite right now.



West… I’m liking 2…

if 1 exist I’ll kill someone lol

I’m actually not too fond of the overall design of his new alt. But I guess that’s final.
All I can do is hope for some cool looking colors.
I’m gonna work on some more.



favorite in this set.

this one too.
I’m not trying to hijack Nuggetz thread. I’m just bored… Another batch.




Guy with blue hair!!??

I hope CAPCOM soon realizes that it’d be way better if they would allow players to customize characters in-game. SSF4 uses 3D models instead of sprites. Custom characters, clothing or accessories shouldn’t be that hard to implement . Tekken figured this out a long time ago. What the hell are you waiting for CAPCOM? Oh yea, that’s right. They know as long as they keep putting out alternate costumes people are going to BUY them and they’ll keep raking in the dough long after the games release. /rant

Yea, but if they make customizable characters they can make even more money off of exclusive item packs

These are all very nice work, but try to use less colors, and keep the fading effect on the shirt. Also, I am still working on the Strider Hiryu alt.

ShineErection: We can always dream.

These are all really nice. Hopefully Capcom follows some of these color schemes when they release the new alts. :tup: