Guys at ECTV



Sorry, guys. Looking back on my match on stream, I could have done a few things to win and get into Top 32 in Winners’ Bracket. :frowning:

I’ve been saying it for the longest time, and I’m going to say it again: Kreymore is the best Guy.


What do you think of Marq Teddy? And did Kreymore play on stream?


I don’t like Teddy at all. he doesn’t have fundamentals or even shows solid play he just continues to try and get in with the biggest risks and bets it all he has success against people who don’t have patience or know the matchup.

How well did Kreymore do streak, I was hoping to go and couldn’t… >> and I also just broke my stick about an hour ago.


Honestly, I haven’t watched much of Marq Teddy and his play, so I’m going to continue to reserve judgment.

Kreymore beat Aquasilk to get into the Top 32 in Losers’ Bracket. His next opponent, Citiofbrass, didn’t show up (I think). Then, he beat Vangief but lost to Sanford. Two Giefs. That is all.


With Guy Alone… :smiley: WHAT IS A 7-3? Was it streamed or recorded?


Unfortunately, the matches weren’t streamed or recorded. From an outsider’s perspective, it appeared as if Kreymore didn’t really think of switching characters when he lost a game to both Aquasilk and Vangief.


I was there to view matches and support my friend in injustice but left day 1 sorry I miss your match.


Someone uploaded the silk match :smiley:


I’ve just finish uploading the Krey vs. Aqua

Kreymore best Guy PERIOD!

last match @ 0:56 sh!t is redick.


Thanks for the support.

I lost my first match in pools to Damascus. My head wasn’t in the match. I played very badly. In losers I played an Abel, Lazyone(Juri), Cardell(Chun/Viper), gbursine(Hakan) and Aquasilk to qualify. Citiofbrass left Saturday night before top 32.

Going into Top 32, I knew I couldn’t avoid fighting Zangief (there were 6!)

The Vangief match drained me too much to focus on playing Sanford right after. I know I could have played better but it all apart of the tribulation. I got 13th.

My next tournament stops will most likely be CEO, EVO and then VXG. I’m going to grind everyday to do better.


Since you aren’t going to UFGT9, go to the CT tournament, still need to play you in a set. But good stuff at ECT!


I think Marc has improved but kremore probably is a bit better? Marc isn’t gimmicky but maybe it’s just that kremore is a bit more solid.


Marq doesn’t have fundamentals or solid play he mostly aims for a knockdown or taking huge risks to get in, watch his match against Xian and momochi he got torn apart and never attempted footsies. Kreymore Os definitely solid having watched him play several matches


+1000 for Kreymore! Taking out 2 of the 3 Gief Gods in the US is a big deal Kudos to you, I would be drained to just play a regular gief lol. 13th not too shabby by far Kreymore IMO is the best Guy we got. Hopefully I can do well at UFGT9 this weekend, I have K-Brad in my pools and if I can make it past him I will have tough comp all throughout top 32. Glad to see you in tourney action Kreymore.


I played K-Brad 1 time at a local killed me he is no joke(1-2). After a knockdown or + frame/ex dive kick block getting thrown by his cammy is hell mainly alot of tiger knee ex dive kicks after he baits a throw saving your meter is a real threat to her + if you get a big lead you can run the cloak near the end(20-40 secs) of a round on her for lame tactics(its for pride or money) good luck iredman.


Tech with is generally safer against ex dive. Plus if you feel they are going to jump and do it. Jump back tk izuna. She isn’t a huge threat after a kd as she is whiney most characters because guys hitbox makes it so that cross up strike isn’t easy. I believe the only way she can is after a backthrow whiff st.lp or something like that and in the corner she can cross up but that is height restricted


iredman did his thing sad to see him out from air’s ryu. max range vs guy’s was kinda in guy’s favor but hard to react towards and he didn’t buffer mk tetsu blocking ryu’s but remember he was under pressure+he graduated so mind could be somewhere else gz to him also.


He honestly didn’t care lol, he had so much of a high that making 13th was sufficient and he gets money


true lol better then what i said thx for the help am bad at explaining stuff.


Yeah I lost to Gridman and AG Glitch on stream. Still salty about the Glitch lost. I was one round away and started crouch teching without cr. mp. :confused: