Guys at Evo 2014



Anybody going to Evo this weekend? Kiyo and I both have 2:00 PM pool assignments.


Lumina1re, Nice1, G Dragon (UyuuPop), Patalat, Marq Teddy, are in pools, hopefully there’s a diamond in the rough that we don’t know about as well.


I actually might not be able to go this weekend :(( But good luck to everyone going!


I’m trying for 2015. I plan to hit a couple of capcom pro tour tournaments in my area over next year and see where I stand before going to Las Vegas as a spectator or competitor.


Just go and compete anyways, your main goal is to enjoy what you do and have fun.


I’ve never played in public in an environment where I wasn’t already 98% sure I was the best player there for one reason or another. It’s hard to gauge my skill level in scenes or tournaments that feel that safe or assured. Until I hold my ground at a legit tournament then I can’t really know for sure whether I’m just good at theorizing the game or I actually have some talent playing it. It’s easier to plan a weekend in the next city over for a regional tournament than it is to plan for a whole Vegas Weekend. But I understand what you’re saying. It would be cool to meet some of the other Guys asap, and obviously Evo would be the best place to do so.

But then I don’t help myself. I play some of you peeps on XBL and I don’t even use the mic, lol. Even with nebbiez I’ll have a long ass conversation in between matches about links or match ups all through text by force of habit.


Good luck Streak!.
@Guerilla_Tech‌ … Haven’t been around here for long but Blooddrunk has a very valid point… having fun outweighs anything else.


Lumina1re and Nice1 have advanced thus far


Besides Streak,

everyone I mentioned sans Patalat have advanced, only Marq is in winners. hopefully everyone makes it far.