Guy's Fail Ultra 1



Ok so I know his ultra isnt terrrrrrible but are there any other characters that have an ultra where the first hit can land and the opponent still escapes it? I just did a match online against a Ken. On wakeup he launches a hadouken and i time my ultra so im within my invincible frames. My first punch lands but then the rest of the combo whiffs and I lose. Thought it was kinda funny but wondered if any other character dealt with this.


Fei Longs Ultra 1 is almost identical to Guys except its actually (believe it or not) harder to land in combos and does silly low damage when you do (similar there too). It also has those wtf moments where the first hit lands then the second is blocked.

So yeah, thats at least one other :slight_smile:


Chuns and Vipers Ult can even go into animation and then drop people after that, making you eat a full punish while looking at the game from some silly angle.


suppose that makes me feel a little better. now if only a Guy player could win a major tournament like a Fei Long did…it will make my day. I was thinking about posting my U1 fail but not too sure I saved it yet


Sagats U1 can whiff in teh corner or at least the last part., Fireball ultras/supers can only get one hit if done too early. At max distance Cody’s U2 will not connect if they are hit by the spray. Some can even fall out of Juri’s, Balrogs, Vega’s ultra. Dumb things can happen like that.


Was this back in AE or was it AE2012!?

I hope this problem doesn’t occur in 2012… target combo whiff is already annoying enough!!! @’’@

whiffed my st.HP in the target combo against a Bison (initially it was on HIT!!!), he just mashed that U1 out (I don’t think he did it on reaction) and I simply can’t block in time T_T…

good thing was I didn’t lose that match, although lost the 2nd round becoz of that stupid whiff :frowning:


This still happens in AE 2012 and if they mash ultras/reversals when your TC whiffs then have fun eating those! :stuck_out_tongue: