Guys...I Made An Order With

it was for the Hori Fighting Stick 3…now they have it in stock, but i was reading the other thread about pre-orders…alot of people saying they are shady…also has alot of bad reviews for them

should i just cancel my order right now? i made it today but im really having 2nd thoughts about this.

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You just unknowingly advised yourself to cancel the order. Trust in you’re skepticism.

hey whats up. i beilieve most of the problems with VGC have been with people who ordered the tournament stick from them. at least that has been evident from what most srk members have said. i ordered an hrap ex from them in late Feb. and received it bout 3 weeks later. the service is slow, and the customer service is lack luster. but i did get my order. Make sure to call them, checkup on your order and do it often. id call them after the 48-72 hr processing

If you read my thread on them then you wouldn’t have to ask this and start a new thread. Yes, cancel. They’re shady as hell…

so they emailed me and the stick is now shipped

this doesnt seem so bad but i did talk to mastercard, they told me they are gonna refund my money if the site is acting shady

Did they give you a tracking number? You could be the first actual report of a VGC customer to actually have a TE coming! When pigs fly…

haha, nah its not a TE stick, its Hori Fighting Stick 3. but yes they gave me a tracking number and its been shipped.

im only getting this to tide me over until my local EB restocks on TE sticks…apparently 90% of preorders were returned and they will have plenty for sale on the ps3 side in about a week or 2.

He ordered the Hori FS3.

They probably have those in stock.

i wanted the FS3 mainly for my computer though and to take to friends houses/use when friends come by

TE will be my ps3 stick

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Lmao… They actually replied to my emails today… Vgc said they were getting theirs street fighter sticks in either end of this week or beginning of next week…

They said madcatz have been slow but they finally came around to shipping their sticks to them and they’ll send out sticks to pre-order customers…

Keep the faith. lol

They ain’t getting 500 TE sticks next week, let alone 100 to meet pre-orders.

LOL I just want an SE for the box and wiring… I bought brand new sanwa parts to mod my shizzz… But I just can’t get my hands on 1!!

If i was at work today, I would go to Fry’s and pick you guys up some.

It says instock at the Palo Alto store.

so they sent it out today, its officially been shipped from NY…USPS tracking service shows everything

seems like these guys are legit

I ordered my HRAP2SA from them when they had them for $99.99 and i got it in about 3-4 weeks (there was a delay since i had it shipped to my friends house since someone is always home) they’re legit from my previous transaction, but im not sure about now.

Rofl! Depends if you use it i guess. lol