Guys in the character select fan art challenge

I plan on having a stick built by quartercircleforward in about a month. Are there any of you who would mind if I used your artwork from that thread on the stick. Sorry for making the new thread but I figured this would stick out to you guys more. I’m not sure what I want to be on it but I’ve seen some awesome stuff on there and I’m wanting to use one of your artworks for the stick just so it’ll kind of be a one of a kind stick if you know what I mean :clap: . Anyhow it’s not problem if you care I’ll just choose another but if you read this and you really don’t want me using it for that purpose let me know and I won’t. Thanks.

be more proactive. – PM the artist and ask directly.
That way you’ll actually be getting their consent, instead of a vague “hmm… no-one posted in the thread so I’ll take it as it’s ok.”

Aight dude. I’ll do that too.

probably just use official artwork.

calm down, guv. Rook already told you to PM the artist whose work you want to use. No need to get uppidy. And not all of the 97 views were from the guys in the char art challenge.

Ya but out of 97 views you would think you would get one guy that would say ya if you want to use mine that’s fine. Or hell no don’t use mine unless you PM me first. I wouldn’t use Rook’s anyhow because I’m digging others artwork way more than is. Even though he is the MOD of this thread.

I see what you guys are saying though but IMO no replies = being ignored in which case I don’t care what those who ignore me think.

Rook isn’t telling you to PM him. He’s telling you to PM the artist whose art you want to use. It’s alot more direct than making a thread and asking everyone in the challenge in general.

You are right. You’re actually one of the guys who I find beyond awesome LOL. I’m not trying to disrespect you guys. I think you know what I was getting at though.

Calm down dude. I’m one of the artists there… and sure you can use my work (not that you’d actually dig my art).

I’m pretty sure most of them would be more than happy if you wanted to use their artwork for your new stick. Just send the artist you want a pm. As long as you aren’t using their art commercially and making money off it without them earning anything, I’m sure they’d be fine with it.

Most artists won’t reply here because they have no idea if your question is directed specifically at them.

There’s a saying that goes “If you want something from someone, you gotta ask nicely.”

Ya I know, I don’t think anyone is reading the full context of my posts. Just delete this thread if you have the power Rook because people are responding without saying anything I don’t already understand.

Edti and thanks Landel I appreciate that. And also I think I did ask nicely. I think I actually asked a step above and beyond nicely. :tup:

Man you can use my art anyway you like. I don’t own the rights to these characters, so I post my work up to share with everyone. Have a blast man. In fact, you don’t even have to give me credit. lol. If my work was used, I would be honored. Peace.

Thanks buddy. If I used your work I would definitely give credit if I ever posted a pic of it or anything LOL. Anyone who wouldn’t give credit where it’s due would be in the wrong for sure :D. I appreciate ya :pleased: .

I really see no reason why you should be annoyed.

Firstly I gave a suggestion:

  1. Identify the piece of art you want to use for your stick; and
  2. PM the artist asking for permission.

To which you replied that you would do that in addition to having this thread.

Now to anyone reading this thread up to this point, the logical step would be that they’d go on my merry way and live their life. If your PM comes, they have the choice to say yea or nay. But no-one really has to stick their face in this thread since you’ve already agreed to take the personal approach.

Now, if you haven’t gotten a respond to your PMs, maybe you might want to wait more than a couple days before you vent your spleen. The weekend is here, ppl do have lives other than SRK. Perhaps they haven’t seen your PM yet… or perhaps they haven’t responded yet.

And somehow I get dragged into the bunch of people who you’re unhappy with.

I’m not going to assume you want to use my art on your joystick. In fact, since you did not PM me, I came to the conclusion you don’t want to. And I’m fine with that, but please quit with the angst, thanks.

It’s probably SFMC…

Don’t get so angry, dude. I would have responded and said yes, but I didn’t think it was necessary because Rook suggested you ask each artist individually, and you very clearly said “Aight dude. I’ll do that too.” So I thought, OK, cool, he’s gonna ask each artist individually. I never recieved a PM, so I assumed it didn’t concern me. End of story.

If you still want to use my art, feel free to. It’s fine with me.

BTW: Taking a cheap shot at Rook? Definately not cool, man.

I’m sorry. I apologize if I offended any of you guys.