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Hey guys, short intro:

I played from mid 11 to early 12 mostly as Vega. First serious FG was SSF4:AE. I took some time off this year to explore the roots and history of FGs and played a lot of Alpha series, KOF98, and third strike. Now I’m back and have decided to give Guy a shot.

Now for the question; Why did they change Guy’s jump in 4? I was playing as Guy in alpha and noticed his jump wasn’t as hard to get used to. For the older guys who mained Guy in Alpha, how did you feel about it?

Tldr; I’m new to Guy. Why did they change his jump as the SF series progressed?


Although I rarely played Street Fighter Alpha series, his jump-ins/outs were always too “far out”. Maybe the dev team thought it was a bit ridiculous to give him that extended jump-in/out for his SSF4 counterpart. Honestly though, I’m satisfied with his current evolution much more. Still has that extended-like range, but at a reasonable manner.


Could have sworn I wrote in this. Basically… they just made his jump floaty only in this game… works well for cross ups and braindead safejump… but still can get anti air’d quite easily… aside from that… this si the only game it appears to be floaty in… in Cross Tekken he appears to have that alpha like speed in his jump back.


From a new player viewpoint crossups are easy to make on AI but having trouble on players. I need to research setups?

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You basically have to learn set ups them mix up your set ups.


I just started, but I noticed I was having trouble getting an opening to use bushin chain or TC unless it was an obvious whiff punish. Once I can master the link between and st.lp I will get it more often.

I was trying to learn how to use elbow drop mixups but I would get AAed a lot.

Side note: I like this forum, seems like a tight group.
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After you knock-down your opponent, time the elbow drops on wake-up, it can lessen the anti-air issue.


So elbow drop/crossup mk game. Big part of Guy offense or just many tricks of the trade?

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One of his best fundamentals; along with his rush-downs and pressure techniques.


Cool thanks. Just trying to get a handle on this character.

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I am having trouble with mixups. I played footsies well with a 4800 BP cammy tonight but every knockdown I got was a reset. What is Guys mixup game?

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Let’s see:
1.) Cross-up MK, Bushin Chain (LP, MP, HP, Down+HP), St. MP or HP into Bushin Flip (LP). Works best in corners.
2.) Target Combo (MP, HP) into Run > Slide. Forward Dash, Back Dash into Hozanto (LP, MP or HP)
3.) Forward Throw, walk forward towards opponent, Tastu (QCB+LK), Cr. LK ~ LK ~ LK into Hozanto (EX). Works only in corner.

These are the set-ups that I use for my matches.


Also, check out some of Guy’s other threads for more informative set-ups, match-ups etc…


Thanks. I was looking at the beginner guide but couldn’t find the info I wanted.

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If you have a PS3 account, we could practice together.


I am XBL only unfortunately. Today I played about 40 games. I hit confirmed into BC once. Have yet to land a TC. I am getting a better handle on the priority of his moves. His reversal is decent but I got baited a lot. I also ducked a few fireballs with Hozanto. Very rewarding.

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Also, he can pretty much avoid all projectiles with EX Bushin Flip (Even ultra projectiles; Ryu’s U1, Sagat’s U2, Oni’s U1(?), Sakura’s U2 (Ground)).


I need to start doing that, thanks. I was finishing with a lot of meter left over.

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Its slow though so don’t expect to grab your opponent, you’re better off doing EX Run slide unless they are trying to chip you out and you aren’t in range for MK tatsu then its a good chance to use EX bushin, honestly keeping meter is better with Guy rather than always using it.