Guys or Girls? What gender style do you prefer for fighting games?

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Doesnt matter to me…whatever gets the job done…

But what do you usually pick and matches your style?

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cool thread!!!

girls. theres something about them…

:wonder: What?

Girls and guy characters almost always play different in fighting games.

yeah they do differ alot. girls are more of rushdown but not that powerful.

He’s saying that they both differ in certain situations. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. I believe the choice depends on the situation.

I use girls and guys. There’s no preference beyond what they can do, offense-wise. I don’t pick characters with the intention of running circles around someone, even if they’re speedy.

Girls when i play a fighting game for the first time, them it depends… with the exception of Arcana Heart or EFZ of course.

I never play as men in fighting games.
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I Play Guys Cause I Like Guys

There are many, MANY exceptions to the stereotypes you posted.

This is a useless question. A better question would be “What fighter style do you prefer?”

Scratch that…

That thread would be useless and overdone as well.


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What? How? All I’m doing is asking a question which some people have gave reasonable responses to.:wonder:

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