Guys please help me mod my Madcatz Street fighter iv TE Stick

Hi Guys

Hope your all enjoying your new sticks!:bgrin:

Ok here the deal, im from uk and have been used to playing over here in our arcades back in the day. I dont have a clue what sticks are used over here, but any way I have been playing on my TE stick for a couple of days now (First sanwa stick by the way) although im getting used to it, i do feel the stick is a bit too “loose” for my liking and i find the throw abit long if it makes sense.

Basicaly i want to mod it so the stick has more tension and the throw to be shorter.
I have been reading on the net that this is possible with a Seimitsu ls-55 spring:confused:

If you guys can give me some input on this as i have never modded a stick before, how easy this will be to do or is there a better way for me to achieve the feel im after.
Thanks in advance.

This might be what you’re looking for:


hey thanks for speedy reply, wouldnt this be an easier mod-:

also what is the difference between the 2 mods?