Guys proxy cancel

so i was watching xenozips guy exhibition movie again, and i need more clarification on guys proximity cancel

in the video the first hit he does is a s.hp that comes out like it does when its done in a bushin chain, but missing the jab and strong before it

put simply how do i do this? i got the impression im supposed to press and cancel it quickly with an s.hp, is that what im supposed to be doing or is my timing off? or both :rofl:

To do the elbow as the first hit, you have to proxy cancel the bushin chain first. That sets a trigger that switches your FP to the elbow.

Ground Normals switch the trigger back and makes your FP a regular FP again. But air normals, throws, ground specials, VC activations, and ground supers don’t switch the trigger.

To do it, you execute the bushin chain, but cancel the last hit (the RH) within the first few frames of it’s animation (meaning, before it hits) with a special or super. Because you canceled the RH, the game is still holding onto the trigger that makes your FP’s the elbow move. So the next FP you do will come out as an elbow.

So it’d be like: JP, SP, FP, push RH and immediately cancel
Next FP you do will be the elbow (assuming you don’t reset the trigger before your next FP).

I’d recommend buffering the special or super motion during the FP. Then hit RH and immediately hit another button to cancel the startup of the RH, like a kara-cancel or rollcancel.

It’s also possible to cancel the RH into a level 3 kick super (which requires you to push RH) by tapping the RH once as fast as possible. The button input will activate the RH and the negative edge will activate the super if you were able to release the RH button quickly enough.

This kinda belongs in the Guy thread, yeah?

Ok but when you say execute the bushin chain, do you mean hit all the buttons in the sequence as fast as possible before they come out? because i only saw the hp then hk

Edit: ahhh ok i understand now, just gotta work on timing

So is it possible to get this with A1 guy? I never got it with him shrug… But assuming its possible maybe you could get some random things involving guys kara cancle with the fierce to roundhouse that a1 and a2 guy have… like knock the other guy down, then do it right when they stand up to go through there reversal DP say o rsomething like that. Or maybe even do it mid screen to go through certain attacks and then your inside so you go for a combo or something.