Guy's Reset combos

For Guy’s Resets, what are some good reset combos to use again some characters?

If you achieve a dizzy or a focus crumple, then use Throw, Ninja Sickle, combo into Run Slide or crMk to reset the damage scaling. This will give you a 50/ 50 mix up on your opponent wake. A risky reset is to use Target Combo into Running Overhead and linking that into another combo, by using crLk to start the new combo. A popular reset is to cross up your opponent in the corner, then do Bushin Chain into Back Throw and reset using Lp, Mp or Hp into Run Stop or Dash. Finally achieve Ninja Sickle in the corner and use crHk to reset and dash under to the other side. I’m sure their’s more, these are just some off the top of my head. I hope this help.

Interesting, thx man, ill give these a try when i have the time. I’m training up for NCR and to take on some of the people on Thursday Night Throwdowns. I’m planning to use Guy for the whole tournament…