Guys seen those new vids on Kinha?

There’s some new vids out on the Kinha website, and there’s a pretty good C-Maki there. The K-Rock would beast on my C-Rock too, Rock’s definatly better with run and small jump. Also what was up with that lp counter working on electricty?! Was that some random invisible counter to some spaz overhead that blanka was mashing down prior to ele? Or does that shit actually work!?

euhm, like geese rock’s high counter stops all specials except for throws of course… so there’s nothing special about that.

awsome matches though, lotsa sweet combos and RCs, poke strings, u name it! :tup:

Are there any more running Raging Demons? That programable pad stuff, then the people here who claim they know how to do it was awesome.

at SVGL the other day K-Rage did run into Blanka L3

yea, that K-rock and C-maki were sick. in one of the matches, the C-maki player with the huge lead should’ve just ran away against that juiced C-chun li with about 200 time left, but he had to stick around and get hit by standing strong xx death. you knew it was going to happen too…

magus1234- do you remember the setup for that run into level 3 with blanka?


C-maki vids?! OMFG WHERE

what’s the site!!! OMFggggg

were these vids old? i have a folder of some C-maki player a while back.

No man, they’re new! link can be found on vidop. And yeah, they were pretty freakin’ awesome. and

Here’s the direct link;

Yeh was good to see some nice Maki finally, always hear about that shit but never seen it. As for Rock well I just always liked him :P.

it was more a fuck up, he got a knockdown, sat in front of him, he woke up saw a couple trots of the run and tried to hit him but ate the super…AMAZING@@@@

That Maki doing whiffed lvl1 720 into another lvl1 720 that hits Chun Li out of her neckbreaker is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen in a vid before…:wow:

The K Rock and C Rugal were sexy shit too.

That Maki was definitely stole the show. Those poke strings, reverse tiger knee wall jumps, and tricky cross over wall jumps were all awesome.

I particulary liked the 720 sequence on Rock: Rock jumps up to avoid 720 and Maki jumps after whiff 720 and catches him with her QCF + P air grab.

i wonder if that’s doable in a small jump groove. :slight_smile:

new tier list

  1. C-maki


I was waiting for that strong to hit the whole time…