Guys... stop falling for the chain letters... seriously

I’m really amazed at the number of people who are sending me these “Guys, PSN is going to start charging for online service if everyone doesn’t forward this message to ten friends… be sure to keep the subject as blah blah.”

I mean seriously. I know we gamers aren’t known for our social skills, but come on lol. Sony, a multi-billion dollar company, is going to make a major decision based on the results of tracking a chain letter?

I know this is not the best thread, but I’m getting like two of these per day now. It’s ridiculous.

Hm. I haven’t gotten a single one.

My opinion must not be valued. :frowning:

I get like 5 daily halo, left 4 dead, gears of war, paying for online asces blah blah blah… Sht is so annoying

Uhhh… Uhh… Yes?


I’m going to sticky this thread because there are apparently a lot of stupid people these days.

I have never seen these chain mails.

BTW i work there

I have like 3 psn accounts and haven’t seen one of these before. Of course I’m not surprised.

I have had TONS. Come on guys lol.

Same here. I get tempted to, but then I remember it’s chain letter… :rofl:

If anyone on my list sees this shit now, STOP spreading that shit.

I’ve gotten 2 and immediately deleted them because 1) I hate chainmails and 2) I’m too damn lazy to type up/forward the letter.

They started one about COD6 getting released early or something. I actually lol’d about that one.

Man I was getting these daily. Seriously folks, if there was ANY truth to them at all about PSN going subscription, then it would be all over the game news sites.

i never got this before… i post in this thread… and I have gotten it twice.

oops, sorry for sending the ones I did in the past few days. :blush:

i’ve gotten like 20 unfortunately

Same here. :lol:

I get em all the time too makes you wonder how the people that send you em get your psn id none of the ones i got are from anyone on my frends list.

Its been pissing me off too

I’ve gotten about 5 so far, and from people I thought I would never get it from

I have gotten 5.

I hate those 5 people who sents me them