Guy's Super Armor Cancel into u1/u2

Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere, but does anyone know the best way of executing this technique? I’ve done it quite a few times back in Super, but for some reason I can’t pull it off in AE…

Everytime I try it, the ultra input isn’t even an ultra input(I use the 3k button) it comes out looking like this… :qcf::qcf::lk::mk:~:mk::hk:

I’m not sure if I’m pressing the 3k button too fast or what. So if anyone can help out, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I think u could have pressed them together, or too fast. I used mk hk , and 3k, and it came out fine.
basically the same inputs, it should come out like this:

Maybe u can try giving your [3k] and your [mk, hk] some space. Once i pressed them too fast, and it came out just like u.

Thanks alot, Lukes. Using mk+hk instead of lk+mk helped alot. I also found that pressing 3k at almost the exact same time you press mk+hk works better.

if you use 3k button, i’m pretty sure you were doing this:

:qcf::3k:, :qcf::3k:

I Made This Video Specifically For Ultra 2

Hey does anyone know why EX run only absorbs one hit sometimes?

Did the opponent use an EX move that deals two hits? Such as EX fireball?

Nah just in training mode messing around. Sometimes it’s two hits and sometimes only one


Here is Nox2 doing it at 1:14

I’m pretty sure you absorb an extra hit on Stop now.

I am pretty sure it absorbs 2 hits on run, and 1 hit more on stop.
Like this, you make the ex move (qcf + kk) it absorbs two hits, if you press lk in order to stop, during the animation of stoping it absorbs one hit more.

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This is true but its seriously tight timing imo, I ranted about this in another thread.
If guy gets too close to the opponent and you miss lk to ex stop, he will autostop. Which takes an age and gets no ex properties so you will be hit out of it.

which explains:

ex run always absorbs two hits, the problem is Guy is auto stopping and losing the ex properties. Your too near the opponent. The frame he enters auto stop is the frame you no longer have ex armour. You need to press lk to ex stop.

Totally agreed my friend. That´s why I would say: practice it a lot before trying it in real battles!

I had it down, but like everything playing online adds in the extra random factor.

I still think that ex stop should happen automatically if you have used ex run and Guy is close enough to auto stop.
As I said in the other thread: Why else would I use ex run other than to absorb hits, slide or overhead and if I didnt slide or OH then I most definatly do plan on ex stopping, not slowly sliding up beside someone with no armour and a horrible frame disadvantage.

I do tend to overuse ex run though so I actually do land the 3 hit absorb more than I miss it, its the missed ones that you remember more I guess.