Guys Ultra costume



Since they announced all characters would get another alternative costume, i was curious what people are hoping to see for Guy.

Not heard any rumors so its basically just what costume would you like to see guy sport in ultra. im hoping for a strider inspired look


I hope for strider as well since the hayabusa pc mods work well this is definitely doable


I just wish the arcade cabs offer more than just Red and Black default.

Strider is a nice idea.



^^ Damn that is just sick!!


I was hoping for a strider insired outfit till I saw that FinalPimp suit for two posts above.


Ive a feeling they will just bring in the SFxT alts… (Kazuya)


i wanna see different jays. like the different numbers for each color.


He isn’t wearing Jordans.


Guy with bare feet would be so sexy. Maybe a swimsuit and goggles too. I like that beach alt of Abel.


yea i know. i want his new alts to be wearing them


Thought only the 5 “new” characters would get extra alternate costumes?


Damn I haven’t checked this thread for a while. I gotta admit, that pimp suit is straight gangsta! I would most definitely rock that costume from time to time. But it’s all about those red Nike Dunks! I got myself 2 pairs - hi’s and lo’s. Swift footed techniques :wink: