Guy's unblockable j.MK


Works on shotos and Fei. Most probably works on more, maybe with slightly different timings.

With the same setup you could do a cross up j.HK on Sagat and Cammy. It’s also a safe jump. So mix it up with non cross up HP and you got a pretty scary ambiguous mixup!

Godlk find :tup:

Someone test this out in AE quick … hopefully it works on Yun lol

Ok done more testing… so far
this setup Works on Ryu,Ken,Akuma,Bison,Rose,Dan,Hakan,Guy,Viper,Rufus

Its also completely safe against reversals Except EX BSK…Ryu SRK resets the situation but you can do a LK and the SRK will whiff…Delayed SRK and the Crouch then block trick beat this setup

Tried fei as well, but its either too tight or not possible…Cammy and sagat proly need different timing coz of their wakeup…

You’re right, I was wrong about Fei. My mistake :confused:

I also got it to work on Ibuki, Makoto, Seth and Dictator to add to that list.

It’s also possible to do unblockable j.HKs against Viper, Dictator and Seth though the setup gets tagged by reversal SRKs. It’s completely safe against Dictator though. IMO it’s easiest to do it against these three as well as the shotos. The others seem to require slight timing adjustments and even amongst them some are harder than others.

Edit: Also works on Sagat and Cammy. I also find it easier to do the unblockables on Seth whiffing a cr.HP instead of a st.HK. Gonna do some more testing.

Ftr its not unblockable… these kind of things have been discovered before with other characters. the only way to block this is by hitting block the moment of impact. Which is hard for a human player to always time correctly.

Well yeah, but they’ve pretty much been dubbed unblockables at this point, for the other characters too.

Besides it’s scary as hell to try and block it. Not only could you get the timing wrong, but once you do block it, Guy could land on either side. And if you keep trying to block, that just opens you up to jump in lows or backthrow.

Awsome vid.
I think the safe jump threads in this forum are too underdeveloped.
We should do something about it

Do you have to take a step forward then HK or is it just HK?

You have to take a step forward. This works on a few other characters as well.

This unblockable works on seth (exect againt difficult delayed srk) and viper (expect against easy delayed srk) with specific timmings. Maybe i’ll make a video. I’ll test against others characters.

I’ll mention this doesn’t work on Guy however it does lead to an ambigious crossup, (one that doesn’t look like it will cross up but does. and you can play around with the distance a bit, remember Guy can avoid certain crossups when just leaving the stick neutral… if properly done he can’t use that tactic.

does it work in 2012 ?

Sure is, if they took it out. Then the rest of the cast would have to lose theirs if they have one, but Guy’s backthrow unblockable is character specific and quite hard to time in the heat of battle in some cases.

and it gets blown up by delayed SRK -_-

And Viper can HP Thunder Knuckle for free, delay srk always has a strict timing to it, as a lot of people may not realize its a unblockable. That’s why we mix it up folks :slight_smile: