Guys, where can I find fighting game characters' entire animations in .zip files?

I mean, each frame of animation is a different bmp/gif, and ALL are present in the zip file. I have a sf3 ryu animation zip like that, but I need one for either msh or
mvc2 Psylocke…and for Jimmy from Rage of The Dragons, if possible…

Have you tried fighters generation?

I am pretty sure I can get rips of any frame animation from SSF2, SSF2T, or Final Fight (original one). Any char.s from those that you may need?

I just saw some MvC Psylocke animated GIFs on the web. Would you be able to work with those?

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No, thanks anyway, Optimus…damn, that feels wierd to type.

Find and download a Psylocke and Jimmy Mugen character file.

And get M.U.G.E.N. Character Maker (MCM) and use it to view/save each and every individual sprite of the character. I attached the MCM. Not sure if this version works with WinXP.

It’s best to ask the person who made the mugen character for their permission if you do anything with the sprites.