I can’t stop…it’s been three hours now…


Why do they make these things just 10 hours long?

Get a load of this [media=youtube]DsSwvh4npMQ[/media]

This used to be my ring tone.

[spoiler=]Does not belong here, very old, topic is a waste, in before lock, etc etc[/spoiler]

You have a problem.
If it was nyan cat, it would be ok. But that’s just some dude thrusting his pelvis.

Wow, no. Shut up.

No really! They did a study that showed that it was 3 times more intellectually stimulating than Mozart.

We need a facepalm smiley. Someone wasted bandwidth and Youtube’s space for that? And it got 14 million views?! I quit.

Repeating the same footage.