Guywongsta a.k.a WCwong vs Iron Illan $500 MM

delayed til EVO

Don’t let him play with juggs

haha, in the words of potter,

juggs ain’t nuthin baby it ain’t NUTTTHIN!

ohhhhhhh i could record this. if you want.
just let me know if you want it up on the net.

i’ll let u know rich, thanks!

Is this for real?

Vic, YOU BASTARD!!! Your AV is too good. It represents you perfectly. Also, big ups to MMDS for finally landing a girl :clap: , bout time.

-Tha Hindu

^^^^ where have you been tushar? i got a lot of good deals for you for your wrx! call me up!!!

and yes this is for real…geez

i got 10 on illan.

is this for real bro. ill bet on illan for sure if you cant find anyone to take your money fast enough :slight_smile:

yeah it’s for real, and i don’t think imma find anyone to back me, and 500 is all i got for this one…i’m definitely the underdog in this matchup

I see mmds do u know what to do with a girl:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: …dude it’s a no brainer i’m putting 20 on ILLAN…bet it…

I want it on illan but if no one is betting on wong, then ill put five on wong.

or maybe… five on wong… and five on illan.

Win, win situation haha or i guess its more like a lose, lose

And i got 50 on MMDS GF > MMDS

you still didn’t front me and show yourself density for the mm? what happened?

who are you people? stop stalking me and get out of my life and into your own. geez

i got no sidebets on this one.

edit: found it magnetro.

gonna go down at evo west