GVegas Beatdown 4:Back to Schooled Greenville SC Aug 30th


Well it is time for another GVegas Beatdown this time right around school starting. The last turnout was great with over 75 people showing up and a great final between Arthur Korous & Lobo. Arthur pulled out the win and took home over $300 but can he do it a second time? This is also going to be the first Greenville tournament with BlazBlue so I cant wait to see all the Craziness.

First thing the Venue, with the closing of LFG we have decided on a new venue and the place is perfect for tournaments. The location is called Quantum X in Simpsonville SC. This is a Lan Center that is very spread out and is going to give us alot more room than in previous tourneys. You can view pictures of there location on their website www.quantumxgc.com/

Driving Directions can be found here http://quantumxgc.com/4.html
For the tourneys this time everything will have a $10 entry fee($7.50 in the pot,$2.50 to the house) fee but unlike in the past there will be no door fee.

There will be 6 games this time

3rd Strike (PS2)
Blazblue(XBox 360)
SC4 (Xbox 360)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix(Xbox 360)
SF4 (Xbox 360)

EDIT: There will now be a 5vs5 teams in SF4 for Upstate SC, Cola, Low country, and NC. the teams will be based on placing in SF4 singles and will take place after SF4 singles. cost $5 per team member, winner get 100% of the pot. Let see which region has the best SF4 players in the Carolinas.

Registration will be at 12:00pm with the tournament schedule to be

1:00pm BlazeBlue, GGAC, 3rd Strike
Around 2:00pm SC4, STHD
Around 3:00 SF4

We will have 4-6 tvs running SF4 at the end so even though it will be the biggest it should go fast.

Rules (same as Final Round)

This is a B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Controller/converter or Joystick) tournament for all of the console games. You are responsible for your equipment and we will not supply anyone with a controller or converter at this tournament for any console tournament.
If you hit the start button or a malfunction in your equipment happens during a match that makes the game pause or reset during a tournament match, get the head judge in charge of running that tournament to decide what will happen next for that match. Replays are automatic if it’s at the beginning of the match and you have played 5-10 seconds in the game with no one having an advantage in the match. It’s not my problem if YOUR STICK malfunctions during a tournament.

Street Fighter IV (Singles/Teams)
Game Version: Xbox

* Winner keeps the same character - the loser can choose a new character.
* All characters are tournament legal!

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Game Version: PS2 American

* No EX, gold, shadow, or any other alternate characters allowed
* Button mapping for RC, Burst, etc. IS allowed
* Winner keeps the same character - the loser can change characters

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Game Version: Xbox360

* Winner keeps the same character - the loser can change characters

Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Game Version: Xbox 360

* Winner keeps the same character - the loser can change characters

Soul Calibur 4
Game Version: Xbox 360

* NO bonus characters allowed
* NO custom characters
* Yoda and Agol are BANNED
* Random stage select ONLY
* Winner keeps the same character - the loser may choose another character
* Default damage/time
* Button mapping allowed
* Camera altering glitces are BANNED

3rd Strike
Game Version PS2
Gill is banned

3rd strike, STHD, and SF4 will all be best 2 out of 3 rounds.
GGAC, BB, and SC4 will all be best 3 out of 5 rounds.
All tournaments will be Double Elimination best 2/3 matches, 3/5 semi-finals, 3/5 Finals.

Register like this
Philip “Filldoh” Raimondo
Greenville Sc
SC4, SF4

This will help us put you into the correct region, if you don’t preregister and you end up playing your buddy in the first round don’t cry to me about it. Do your self a favor and Preregister.

Also last thing please put what equipment you can bring
the only things we need

TV’S, you never can have enough
PS2’s need a total of 4
SF4 for 360(4 more copies)
BB for 360(4 more copies)
everything else will be provided by the store.

Thanks alot guys and I look forward to seeing you all here again.


Ok I got something worked out with the owner that if you bring a setup he will waive the house fee for your tournament.
Complete setup includes

Hard Drive with Save for SF4
Copy of SF4 or Blazeblue or STHD all for xbox360


copy of 3rd strike or GGAC

TVS need to be CRT 19in or better and not lag(if they lag we cant use them and you wont get your venue for free, you know if it lags.) This means for each tournament you only pay $7.50. If you enter in all 6 tournaments it can save you a lot of money. I only need a total of 12 TV’s though so sign up early.

Pre Reg list


  1. Philip “Filldoh” Raimondo
  2. Dwaine Simmons “Awardtour”
  3. Tak
  4. Trevis Qualls "Bushido X"
    5.Kyle Pack " Voss Von Doom"
    6.Matt Hart "Gottfaust"
    7.Andy Harbin “MyApologies"
    8.Mike Pervis " Renz”
  5. Shamar
  6. Alex “West” Barry
  7. Cliff “shin oro” Overstreet
  8. Jonathan Bacaoat
  9. Drew Greiner “Druseph”
  10. John “UncleBuck” Shelby
  11. Jesus “NachoBusiness” Ibarra
    16.Trey “AsILayDying” Williamson
  12. Michael “MotherBrain”
  13. Kevin “the Gunslinger” Hutchins
  14. Daniel “Ribeye” Willey
  15. Justin Denning, Myrtle Beach, SC
  16. Travis “Priest” Priester
  17. John Stowe “Johny Quest”
  18. Travis “Priest” Priester
  19. Corey Carson “KiDD”
  20. Andrew Koonrod
    26 SimpleKiss

3rd strike:

  1. Cliff “shin oro” Overstreet
  2. John “UncleBuck” Shelby
  3. Jesus “NachoBusiness” Ibarra
  4. Trey “AsILayDying” Williamson
  5. Michael “MotherBrain”
  6. Kevin “the Gunslinger” Hutchins
  7. John Stowe “Johny Quest”
  8. Travis “Priest” Priester
  9. Face
  10. Andrew Koonrod

2. John Stowe “Johny Quest”


  1. Philip “Filldoh” Raimondo
  2. Shamar
  3. Travis “Priest” Priester
  4. Mike Pervis " Renz"
  5. Dominique “AceUnlimited” McCowin
  6. 2nd Kira

1.John “UncleBuck” Shelby
2. Jesus “NachoBusiness” Ibarra
3. Trey “AsILayDying” Williamson
4. Michael "MotherBrain"
5. Kevin “the Gunslinger” Hutchins
6. John Stowe "Johny Quest"
7. Dominique “AceUnlimited” McCowin
8. Andrew Koonrod
9. SimpleKiss

2. Kyle Pack " Voss Von Doom"
3.Matt Hart "Gottfaust"
4.Mike Pervis " Renz"
5. John “UncleBuck” Shelby
6. Justin Denning, Myrtle Beach, SC
7. John Stowe "Johny Quest"
8. Travis “Priest” Priester
9. Corey Carson "KiDD"
10. SimpleKiss


3 Smamar
4. Andrew Koonrod
5. Mike Tak Gibson
6. Jesus
7. SimpleKiss

Provided by the store.

3.Andrew Koonrod
4. Mike Tak Gibson

Games Needed

  1. Store
  2. Store


  1. Store
  2. Store
  3. Bushido X
  4. SimpleKiss

2.Andrew Coonrod
3. John Stowe "Johny Quest"
4. Mike Tak Gibson

3rd Strike
2. John Stowe “Johny Quest”


  1. Justin Denning, Myrtle Beach, SC
  2. SimpleKiss

Harddrive or Memory Card with Save File(and Profile)
1.Bushido X


Mike Gibson
Gamecocks, South Carolina
Women, Whiskey


Filldoh why you keep hosting sf4 tourney on 360? C’mon you know most people play on PS3. You must really like sunday tournaments. Can we switch SF4 to PS3 If we bring enough system. let me know.

Dwaine Simmons
Cola, SC


Trevis Qualls "Bushido X"
Cola, SC
SF4 and Hardrive


most people in the upstate play on 360(myself, unclebuck, kevin,shin oro, ect) so there are going to be people upset either way. So i go with what the people around here want and and what is the easiest because there are alot of those systems there.
as far as the sunday thing goes the vendors just want me to do it that way so i can keep the venue fee down, which so far I feel like i did pretty good.


hey does it cost to preregister?
also are there rules against button mapping like PPP or KKK?
edit: you may also want to include best of 3 best of 3 or whatever it is.


no it is free to preregister so do it even if you have a chance of comming. No there are no rules against button in all games except on STHD and 3rd strike. You cant button map in those. In SF4 you can only do PPP & KKK because they are part of the offical setup, but no Focus buttons, Throw buttons, ect.



Kyle Pack " Voss Von Doom"

Matt Hart “Gottfaust”

Andy Harbin “MyApologies”

Mike Pervis " Renz"



Kyle Pack " Voss Von Doom"

Matt Hart “Gottfaust”

Mike Pervis " Renz"


Alex “West” Barry
Charlotte NC
Street Fighter 4


Ok since the Xbox vs PS3 Question comes up all the time, I am going to let the public decide again for future tourneys.(too late for this one as flyers are already printed.)

I will have a signup sheet at the door asking if future tournaments should be on PS3 or 360 if you dont come you dont get a vote but this should settle things. Cant wait to see everyone there.


PS3 vs X360


I do have the 2 PS3’s available if the players so choose. We have 2 copies of SC4 on PS3, but do not have any SF4.

Also i noticed that you posted that Blazblue was PS3, but i believe you are hosting it on Xbox 360, just a typo.

And, i am not a fighter, but can someone explain the reasons or logics behind only playing on a CRT vs LCD? Years ago i could see the lag issue. Our 42" LCDs have a 5ms response but the long runs add a bit. Our tournament hard wired units on the 22" Viewsonics have a 3ms GTG response rate.


well i need to keep it one standard for this one but for future tourneys I am open to switching if the votes go that way.


Also what about SSBB on the Wii, we have had some interest in tourneys for that?


we had it last time and it takes a long time and only 7 people showed so i decided to drop it.


Yo filldoh what system is blazblue on? cmon man PS3 for SF4.


360 and PS2 on everything this time. Sorry but if I change it I will get just as many people arguing the other way. Come to the tournament and vote and the next one will be what ever the people choose.


Jonathan Bacaoat
Clemson/Charleston, SC

although i haven’t played the game much all summer


Added Info to SC Tourney Blog:

For people who don’t know, this Blog has been set up for SC tourney players to get information on tourneys more easily at one spot.