GVEGAS Beatdown 5 Greenville SC results

thanks to everyone for coming out i had a blast

SSF4 top 3 of 30

  1. Druseph
  2. Lh321
  3. lobo


  1. unclebuck
  2. dr. eek
  3. jordan
  4. filldoh


  1. bigboy
  2. jto
  3. filldoh
  4. shamar

3rd strike
dont know

no entries

nothing got much love other than ssf4
i will post the other results as soon as i get them from quantium. jordan has the results for third strike. Also the finals of SSF4 will be loaded onto youtube soon.

Did the Marvel tournament go down? If so, results?

good seeing everyone again in SC. Good job to the HONDA and VIPER that knocked me out. Unitl next time. I know you’ll be bAaaAAACKKK

oh. P.S

I won 3rd strike.

Hey, Dr. EEK here.

I had a great time at this event, and I think it was very well run! Any chance we will get full results for SSF4? I’m curious to see how I did. I was happy to see the tournament being run in a timely manner, and it was a really cool place, I think.

Only things I had issues with:

So few people entering games other than SSF4. There were 30+ people at this event, and only 4 people entered HDR, 4 people entered SC4, 5 people entered 3S, and not enough people for Tekken, Marvel, or TVC. That is seriously pathetic. That is not a fault with the tournament at all, but with the community in general. SSF4 is a good game and all, but there needs to be love for other games, too. COME ON PEOPLE, STEP IT UP! :tup:

I was salty that for 3S, there was only one (agreed upon by several people) crappy stick, and a PS2 controller that barely worked. I pretty much wasn’t able to play the game because there was nothing suitable to play on. If you shook the PS2 pad you could literally hear the pieces inside of it shake around. :sad:


Dru for being gross and winning and putting on a great grand finals!

JTO for being gross as always, and sticking with it even though he knew he was only at like 30% due to having a 360 pad to play on!

Big Boi for being hype as always and having a sick rufus, abel, and honda!

ExciteBeast for being ever so exciting, and being guilty of unnessecary roughness in some of those rounds!

Cloud9Zero for being a dope pad honda, and being a really nice guy!

That Viper player for… being a good Viper player!

That El Fuerte player for eliminating me!

Jordan, UncleBuck, and Filldoh for playing HDR!

Everyone who played 3S!

Anyone who played me, GGs!

Rizzo for letting me and ATL borrow his stick!

Eddie for putting up with my bitching, even though he wasn’t there!

really had fun and you guys were really well organized. it was good to see a lot of good players in attendance…

shout outs to rook xero for having an infinitely annoying el fuerte. jto, nasty balrog man and i’m bad with names so whoever the ken player was that was with you…sick ken. cloud9, you’re a cool ass dude and we def need to get some matches in. dru, not much to say…you won and you deserved it. byron, that viper is disgusting dude…hell of a comeback a few times there. really good to meet everyone else as well and i’m looking forward to the next one.


good to see everyone there but i gotta agree with you dr eek about the other tournaments. as far as the equipment it was all mine, sorry it sucked but it was the best i had. i ended up with 4 sticks there 1 ps2 and several games of my own. i really wish we would have had better stuff but no one other than jordan was willing to bring anything other than ssf4. maybe next time someone will be willing to bring more things, maybe even controllers considering it was a bring your own controller tournament. but it was a lot of fun none the less, i realized several things tekken is dead, soul calibur is dead and the only thing alive is ssf4. i have to do alot of thinking on what will we have at the next tournament to see what games are still viable. thanks alot for all that came out, this is really a comunity tournament and i am happy to be a part of it.

great tourny u guys! had fun met new koo players.

ggs to dru for holdin it dwn for the ga.

cardell…stop moving towards my boxer wen i get.close!!!

eric…stop not movin wen my boxer gets close!!! lol!

major ggs to tht xbox d pad i played against! dang man tht pad was godlike! i couldn block any advanced mixups at all and it kept jumpin and killin me…i couldn believe it! how gross of the d pad! man xbox d pad ur really gross…but next time i’ll be ready!!!

and ggs to the viper player…we’ll meet again hopefully on a ps3 pad sumday.

till next time sc!

K lol. I’m goin in next time =p

Good Tourney! Good job to fildoh and the Quantum X guys - Had alotta fun! Hope you guys keep running these tourneys strong and I hope even more get involved in the future - Good to see everyone again - Always good competition - Thanx for all my support from GA - Byron, your Viper is too sick, you definitely need to travel to more tourneys man! GGs! And as far as JTO, Cardell, Eric, Excited Beast, Isa, Bigboi, Eddie - when we gonna travel to Florida or somewhere? I feel like we’ve been just too hungry and I’m striving to see how we match up against the rest of the southeast!

oh yea,u can count on tht dru.


Jax FL tourney in two weeks, if you can not beat Jax then there is no reason to go any further into the state. LOL

You guys should show up if you are looking for some real good comp!!

G-Vegas Beatdown Championship Match

Dont know how many of you have seen this or if you even knew i posted it, but here is a link to the final match of the SSF4 Tourney at the last Beatdown between Druseph and LH621.

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