Gville 2/28 results

Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. Mixup
  2. Blaziniflo
  3. Sentinaaal!
  4. Alex Garvin

Lots of upsets here. One of the more amazing matches was seeing Justin go into some kind of super beast mode and totally destroy Jon in the loser’s finals after having previously almost lost when playing him in the first round of matches. LLike seriously what the fuck

Samurai Showdown V

  1. Jebailey
  2. Mummy-B
  3. Mixup
  4. Rick Fuckin Stalvey

Wow. Jebailey just picks this game up and rocks the fuck out of everyone. That bitch is too gangsta. Where did that fool learn to play this game? Highlights were Erik vs Rick Fuckin Stalvey, as Erik was eliminated and was predicted to take this one home.

Capcom vs SNK 2

  1. Mixup
  2. Rick Fuckin Stalvey
  3. Mummy-B
  4. Jebailey

Mike parried everything. Every fucking thing that came out, parry. Parry this, parry that, parry XX death. Not even A Groove stopped him. Highlight was activate Sak CC, Parry first stand roundhouse XX Blanka direct lightning super. And also, Jebailey getting disqualified in the loser’s to me for pressing the start button on accident. Rules are rules man.


Miami didn’t come so basically Chetan owned everyone there.

Third Strike

  1. Mixup
  2. Zerostance
  3. Jebailey
  4. Some random dude

No highlights. Ken/Chun li madness. That is all. Except for Van, who beasted on everyone with Yang and Alex. Random.

yep so that’s it. we still had a pretty good turn out, there were like at least 20 people in there as everyone got packed up and left.

good stuff, i wish i was back in Florida:(

To the important stuff who won the poker tourney? any one get Rich besides Mike? Beasting on 3 tourneys good job homie.

Okay, so I’m confused.

Whats the deal with 3s? When did these tournaments happen? Me and Troy were there for 3s and nobody said anything about a tourney. :confused:

Rick Fuckin Stalvey taking second i guess that bitch is going worldwide.

There wasn’t really a tournament, but we did play poker. There were good players there, and some dude named Angelo came out on top winning about $45 dollars. It was fun, but there were a buttload of people there. Wish there was more space.

Man, some people just gotta crash a party.


What no drunk guys slapping each other in your room this time:lol:

You could have at least made up something easier to believe. I mean," Justin going into beast mode and destroying Jon??" You KNOW that noone’s gonna fall for that one. If you were going for a real upset it would be something like

  1. Fn Guiness
  2. Garvin
  3. Mixup
  4. Blaziniflo
  5. Sentinaaall

now that’s more like it

thanks to xander for destroying what little hope we had of having a tourney.

Nah Man a real upset would be like this…

“In a freak outcome BPR loses the pizza eating contest to the Green machines of G-ville MIke and Brian combined finished off 7 pies(with the help of some kind bud) While The R’a only downs 3”


i actually did…:depress: :lol:

How’s that bitter taste in the back of your throat?

hahaha…Blaze comin’ out of nowhere. So was there anyone else in the MVC2 tourny besides peeps from G-ville? Tallahassians will try to make it to the next one, but I’m the only that still plays MVC2. Most guys here in Tally play CVS2 or Tekken. MB only plays CVS2 now and Andy doesn’t like to play in tournaments that cost money. I’m still training a few scrubs, they’re coming along.

betta train them good…

[oh yeah… and dont train them with your team…:p]


OK for those who didn’t catch it, THERE NEVER WAS ANY tourney.

Nobody showed up besides me and Trent from orlando, Rick for Myers,
We had a blast just chilling at that badass new Computer Gaming Cafe which I was impressed by.

As friends we all had a blast, us with Mike, John, and Brian.

I’m just saying this cause I’m tired of all myf riends Imming me about a damn start button.


Only significant thingworth menitioning.

I took 20 bucks from Sentinalll(John_ IN cvs2 6-0.

He did own me at Marvel and SC2 so I gave up a couple bucks and a bottle of bawls to him.

See without Tampa there is no tourney…

another interesting fact,

as trent and alex are leaving, they both call me out for 2 0f 3’s in some 3s…

I ###### both them bitches up…

and the night when guiness arrived we played a 2 of 3 in cvs2 and 3s…i won both bitch:p

I’m just the one game wonder that ###### you up:p

YOu got something against the word fuck there mike?

Jabaily why am I not mentioned? I was the one that raped you the worst out of anyone there. You tryed to pick Dudley on me :lol: but the didn’t quite work out did it. You know how I Perfected you. Then riping your Ken after words.

There was no skill at all there in 3S besides the little that Trent had. I didn’t get to play Mixup but I hear he is pretty good. So I will have to rip him next time.

All in all I figured out that G-Ville and Orlando players aren’t the people to play for comp in 3S.

But I did have fun playing Van in 3s. And ripping up random people who thought they could beat me in Halo :lol: