Gville MVC2 and CVS2 Results


We had a decent turnout for the tournament. Here are the results for the games. Blaziniflo will post more complete results later for MVC2 since I don’t have the brackets.

1st - Craig
2nd - Eder
3rd - Justin

1st - Eder Resendiz - © R1 Blanka, R3 Rock
2nd - Tony Yen - © R1 Terry, R1 Ryo, R2 Sagat
3rd - Adam - © R1 Blanka, R1 Eagle, R2 Sagat
4th - Jeremiah “Face” - Various Teams
5th - Jermaine Gore - (N) R1 Vega, R1 Balrog ,R2 Bison
5th - Van “Zerostance” Hoang - (A) R1 Yamazaki, R1 Todo, R2 Ken


  • Thanks to everyone who came out to the tourney: Jax, Tally, Orlando, and Melbourne.

  • Mad props to Tallahassee with their Juggy/Colossus/Hulk combo exhibitions. :eek: That definitely was a show of skill guys.

  • Another thanks to Face for putting together the little CVS2 tourney at the last minute, which I thought wasn’t going to happen.

  • Shouts out to team Jax. It was cool chilling out with you guys a bit after the tourney, and thanks for the low tier fun in mvc2 Roy. Nice lockdown with Venom/Sabretooth and rushdown with Omega Red.

  • Hope to see you guys and more people at next month’s tournament. :cool:


Props to Tony in CvS2, U should have won it.
Roy is too godly like with Omega Red.
Congrats to Craig and Xander.


Omega Red? TOO GOOD!

Good job to Craig!


For complete results…

For complete results go the thread titled “Florida MvC2 Tournament Results”, or click on the following link