GVN HDremix results

Congrats to all the players. The numbers were rather low! 17 players total. Akuma was originally legal then was soft banned then by tourney time he was Banned.

  1. Damdai Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Gief, Sim ect.
  2. DSP DJ, Rog… ect…
  3. Nohoho Blanka
  4. Julian DJ, CLaw, Blanka,
  5. Bill G. Honda/Chun
  6. Paul Wall Rog, Dictator
  7. Spence Sim
  8. Kyle Honda, Rog
  9. Brian No Dictator ?
  10. Bryheem Ryu, sagat
  11. Mr Quotes Blanka
  12. Plural Guile, ryu
  13. Zorin Dicator
  14. Red ?
  15. Dr. Chaos Ken
  16. Haven ?
  17. Phi Fei, claw

Damdai did not lose a match … lost only 4 games.
Dsp only lost to Damdai
Nohoho lost to DSP and Damdai
Bill lost to DSP and Julian
Julian lost to NH2 2x
Paul Wall lost to DSP and NH2
Comeback lost to Paul Wall and Bill G
Bill lost to Bryheem 5-10 Three of Bryheems wins were due to Honda mirror.
Bryheem lost to NH2 2-5… All of NH2 matches were won b/c of Luck as per Bryheem ! LOL
Julian lost to NH2 1-5 ?

any vids?

There were vids taken of the matches i’m sure they will be posted some where at some point! DSP and Damdai took them.

What happened to the SFIV tourney?

:rofl: @ Akuma banned

it was still going at 1am and they had to shut down… i left before that. dunno what happened. andre marn nestor eric kim were all in top 8 from what i remember.

justin was a no show.

marn won nestor took second doctor chaos took 3rd… didnt get done till 230

ST was fun. Thanks for running the brackets, Seor Ehonda.


hey guys. I just wanted to thak you all again for making the trip to gvn. I think eric was handling the sf4 brackets to hurry it up before I left, so he might post them soon. BTW I want an honest opinion of those who came. How was GVN overall, was there anything that could be done to make it better next time?

Sounds like you made a killing off those side matches, nh2. Were those ST instead of HD? Anyway, we ought to do a ft5 next time.

Yes eliminate all side tourneys. DQ anyone who cannot be found within a few minutes! Unless they are playing a MAIN tourney.

just curious what made everyone want akuma banned?

Players I will post full results later today.

big E, check your pm.

Ganelon - We were just messing around. Small beans. But yeah ft5 sure maybe if we catch up at some memorial day event?

HuBBsDoctor - Tourney was great. Lunch combo hit the spot heh.

I will check for it when I get off work player. Will text ev if I have it.

Hey I like to thank everyone that came out was cool meeting all the new faces and its always great to see the old ones.

Hope everyone can make it out again.

Sf4 will be on ps3 only next time.