GVN lost gem videos

I finally gotten around to switching my lost gems from article to video. I have many more on the way. The purpose of lost gems is to look at games that were forgotten, overlooked or just never heard of and give them their due.

I am now making videos out of the first 8 aritcles of the Lost gems series.

all the first 8 articles can be found at my website.

Here’s a direct link to the Top 10 games of 2009.


Direct Link to Lost Gems revisited Ep 1.


[media=youtube]XsjhIH0RHnY[/media] NEW!!!

Here’s a direct link to the videos of Lost gems 9, 10, and 11.





I have made direct links to each of the first 8 Lost Gem Articles.

Lost Gems 1: Turok 1 and 2 for the PC

Lost Gems 2: Beyond Oasis

Lost Gems 3: Space Quest Saga

Lost Gems 4: Star Tropics Frachise

Lost Gems 5: Star Wars Dark Forces

Lost Gems 6: Boomer’s Adventure in Asmik World

Lost Gems 7: Zaxxon

Lest Gems 8: A Boy and his Blob


posted the links to the other 8 lost gems.

Lost gem 10 is now up. Check first post.

added a new video. The top ten games of 2009. I am also working on a new lost gem as we speak.

Updated. Just uploaded LG revisited episode 1 to the first post. Enjoy. Working on episode 2 soon.

New Video. Episode 2 Beyond Oasis. Hope everyone enjoys it.