GVN summer bash 2 Aug23rd! Big News!

Really BIG freakin news. Gvn summer bash 2 will be aug 23rd at virtual rush AND will most likely be held at the VGXPO, which is being held Nov 21st-23rd.

Paul and I had a huge discussion and here’s what came out of it. VR has partnered with VGxpo and are looking to host a ton of console and pc based tourneys with them. He is also about to finish this deal with someone who will help with GVN SB2 sponsorship. Paul said this sponsor will happy give us around $1500-5000 of money for prizes. And thats a lot of money to divide up between the number of games to be held at GVN SB2.

Also that sponsor prize money will be doubled for the tournement at the VGxpo. Also, NBC will be taking an interest in the Expo this year as well so pretty much this whole scene could grow.

So now you have a date and place and a very strong reason for going. This means smaller venue/pot fees and bigger numbers for all games.

BTW the games that will be at GVN summer Bash 2 are:

DOA 4 - xbox
VF5 - xbox
Tekken 5DR -ps3
SF3 3S - ps2
Soul Calibur 4 - xbox
Guilty Gear XXAC - ps2
SSBB - wii

And to make things run smoother we will have the proper equipment(ie tube tvs for tekken crowd), extra help for running each game tourney, and half priced venue fees for those who ring extra equipment.

So keep a heads up for the final major annoucement for GVN Summer Bash 2 and GVN @ VGXPO.

Small update. due to issues with work, GVN will not be at the VGXPO in Nov.

shameless bump. very sad to c this gets no support even with guaranteed pots :frowning:

Okay guys. I am letting you know that Saturday i will make the official GVN thread with all the rules and such. Upon making that thread i request that this one be closed.

Two announcements I am making:

1.) I am adding Tekken Tag and taking away 3S and GGXX. No one has shown any interest in GVN at SRK and I doubt they ever will.

2.)We will still be waiting awhile for info on the sponsorship for guarenteed cash payouts. Pauls rep woman for sponsor contact is going into labor and will be back on the job in at least a couple weeks. Congrats to her BTW for the baby. So I will continually keep everyone updated in regards to this.

However if the SRK community wishes to speak up and have me re-add those games, start talking please.