GVN Summer Jam 4 in Philly 8-14/8-15 "The Best Character" Exhibition

Hey guys,

This is an idea that I have rolling around in my head. It is a concept called ?The Best Character? and this is how it would go. We will have some sort of gauntlet type match that they would go against and whoever has the most wins at the end of the gauntlet wins.

The first one I want to do is ?The Best Abel? exhibition. This is open to all Abel players who they feel they have what it takes to claim the title.
I ran this with Eric and he likes the idea. So it?s up to you, the community, to support the idea so future ?The Best Character? events can be created.

For the Abel players, your opponents will be announced at the day of the event.

There is a 10-dollar entry fee and winner takes all.

-Five man gauntlet run
-Matches are 2/3
-Single Elimination

Therefore, any Abel players who would like to partake in this exhibition, please message me or sign up here if you want to compete in this event.


  1. Rico Suave
  2. Hav
  3. Ryder
  4. MagnetoManiac
  5. FlashMetroid
  6. JuiceBox
  7. blueNINE


Why not.

Real life survival mode? Sign me up… god rico and I are gonna have people bitching about abel. :rofl: Not to mention yipes and chris hu. What happens if we all beat the gauntlet?

If you did that then you are a shoe in of winning the whole thing lol. The winner not only gets bragging rights but they get the entire pot.

Yipes…Chris Hu…Juicebox…Where you guys at?

I’ll enter. I’ll be entering all of these tournament for nearly every character.

I hear if you finish the gauntlet in under 40 minutes using abel costume 1 and than walk counter clockwise around the venue, sanford actually turns into daigo for a secret boss battle, confirm/deny?

Mmmmm can’t wait to see this.




Throw me in there son I like my abel all day! being dead serious lol

yeah right.

Yipes where you at.

Will Justin join in.

u got it

Two new names have been added to the event.

New name added

Last bump before Summer Jam!