GVN Summer Jam 5 in Philly(SJ5) 8-27/28 in Philly

GVN Summer Jam 5-(SJ5)- in Philly Augs 27th & 28th 2011, $500 pot bonus for Mvc3 and AE

Pot Bonus for T6, Sc4, Mk9 and 3S/MB/SC4.

Team Spooky will be streaming Summer Jam 5.

GVN Summer Jam 5 August 27th & 28th 2011, RIGHT HERE in Philadelphia pa. at the Sheraton Suites Hotel.

(Special Event August 26th to be hold at University Family Fun Center(Philly)- Pre Jam Madness) Friday night special at university family fun center, japanese style AE tournament along with arcade mvc2 tournament.

More info tonight.

For more info about Summer Jam 5 go to the necphilly website. www.necphilly.com

[INDENT=1]Penthouse charity party augs 26th at 11pm room 801.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Venue fee $8 free food and drinks.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]tokyo tea, philly tea, and[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][LEFT]Mongolian Mother drink recipe[/LEFT][/INDENT]

Check out the Official Facebook page of GVN Summer Jam 5

Sheraton Hotel
4101A Island Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA? 19153
(215) 492-0400?


*Located 2 miles from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Hotel discount link:

Player I got the group rate extended till the 23rd so please hurry up and get your room.
Venue Online Registration open till the 25th.

SJ5 Taxi:
Ok players sj5 taxi service number 215-888-7860 his name is Tee he is a good dude.

Try to call him a hour ahead. He will be cheaper than a cab.

(Super Street Fighter 4 AE) Mortal Kombat9 and MvC3 online registration, is still opening.

Summer Jam 5 T-shirts are now for sale.



(There will be a $25 online venue fee, $35 at the door)

Door registration starts at 9am, both days.

Team Games:

AE – 8/27/11-- 12pm

MVC3 – 8/27/11 – 12:30pm

3SOE --8/27/11 – TBD


more team games and info to come.

Main Games:

Soul Calibur 4(PS3)
Street Fighter 4(PS3)-AE-$500 pot bonus
Mortal Kombat (PS3)
Gulty Gear XX AC–(ps2)
Tekken 6(ps3)
3rd Strike(ps2)
MvC3ps3–$500 pot bonus

SIde Games:

ST–Supergun and board.



Alpha 2 & 3

more to come

MK Rules:

The rules for Mortal Kombat are as follows:

Freddy is banned until further notice. He must be patched in order to be playable.

Kratos is banned. This is a permanent action unless he ever becomes available for Xbox.

All other DLC characters ARE allowed.

Unlockable and DLC costumes are NOT allowed until further notice. There has been dispute over changes in character properties per costume so in order to prevent any issues, only default costumes shall be chosen.

Entry Fee’s: (singles)

SSF4 - $10
3S - $10


Start times for teams:

Team Tournament games:

SF4-- 3v3–12pm–$10 per player
MVC3–3v3–12:30pm-- $10 per player
BB-- 2v2
SC4-- 3v3–3pm
T6-- 3v3
3S-- 3v3–


SF4-entry fee $10.00-start time:–6pm
T6-entry fee $10.00-start time-3pm
BB Singles: 3:15 PM sign-ups. $10. 4:30 PM Start.
GG Singles: 3:15 PM sign-ups. $5. 4:30 PM Start.
MK9 entry fee-- $10.00- start time-3:30pm
SC4-entry fee- $10.00-start time-after singles
MVC3-entry fee-$10.00-start time- 5pm
A3–entry fee- $5.00-start time-TBD

Sunday 8/28/11

Cont of Super–12pm
Cont of MVC3–1pm
Super NC–$5:00–tbd
MB-entry fee- $10.00-start time-TBD
ST–entry fee–$10.00 start time-TBD
UMK3-entry fee $5.00 start time-TBD
MK2- entry fee $5.00 start time-3pm
KI- entry fee $5.00 start time-5pm
CVS2-entry fee $5.00 start time-5pm

Here a list of players so far:


  1. Dr. Choas
  2. Eric Small
  3. Brandon D.
  4. Josh W.
  5. Zack K.
  6. P.
  7. Julian R.
  8. Kyle
  9. Kenny
  10. Peter.
  11. Dai
  12. Kailck T.
  13. Damian E.
  14. Kazi
  15. Annie
  16. Spektrum
  17. D’nyc3
  18. Tai
  19. Pat
  20. Strider hyriu
  21. Hubbs
  22. Hav
  23. Steve H.
  24. Bluenine
  25. Andre-oh
  26. NinjaCW-de
  27. GPX-de
  28. Alzarath-nyc
  29. Hal-philly
  30. Avery
  31. Steve 'the boxer"
  32. IFC Yipes
  33. Gummowned-va
  34. Ryry-va
  35. Lud
  36. Rugal B.-md
  37. JP
  38. Dsinnie-nyc
  39. Mr. Quotes-nj
  40. MarlinPie-nj
  41. KDZ-nj
  42. Ryder-nj
  43. Dave D.-nj
  44. JD-nj
    45 Fran23-(staff)
  45. Shin Oni
  46. Freddy Loco-mtl
  47. Cranky punk-mtl
  48. Smokey-mtl
  49. Needles09
  50. Shadow Yarato
  51. Rushdown-ri
  52. Psychochronic
  53. LuckyD-ma
  54. Ill Will-ma
  55. Basic_Complex
  56. John G.
  57. L.I. Joe
  58. Donth8dre
  59. Mana_boy
  60. Ron
  61. Som
  62. Phi-va
  63. Rick
  64. Des
  65. Lil Eric
  66. Q-nyc
  67. Mark Megline
  68. 3S master(Holland)
  69. Skye T.-nj
  70. Tim-philly
  71. Magman-va
  72. Will T-nj
  73. Raynel Hidalgo
  74. W. Hidalgo
  75. Arthur
  76. Eric Z.
  77. TS Min
  78. TS Nerd Josh
  79. TS Arturo
  80. DRS-Michelangelo-ca
  81. DRS-NashFan-tx
  82. DRS-Blacktastic-oh
  83. DRS-Noobtron-nh
  84. Ken Lee-ont
  85. TFA Chauncy- tru Talon
  86. MTLKai-mtl
  87. EMP Erik A.-nyc
  88. Chris G.-nyc
  89. Snafoo-mtl
  90. Joseph m.-ct
  91. Christian R
  92. Stephane N.
    *94. Peter-Fl
  93. Richard T.
  94. Michael A.-mtl
  95. Ken lee-mtl
  96. Tragic-NYC
  97. Vivek P.-mtl
  98. EMP Rahsaan
  99. EMP Kevin L.
  100. EMP Sanford K.
    103.EMP Remix
  101. EMP DrangonGod
  102. Noel B.-NYC
  103. Robin P.-Va
  104. Moose-Va
  105. Ryry-Va
  106. Pete-Md
  107. Aaron-ct
  108. Micheal Andronico
  109. Lil Eric-Philly.
  110. Sho-ct
  111. Alice ly-ct
  112. Dmg Rico S.-NYC
  113. Dmg Inthul
  114. Dmg insaynne
  115. Sakurai
  116. Clxjames
  117. Kevin M.-pa
  118. Steven D.
  119. Wolfkrone-det
  120. Hold Dat
  121. Dsinnie
  122. Fc jago
  123. Fc homeless
  124. Fc
  125. Gabriel G-nj
  126. Paul G.-cali
  127. Marcia Y.-ri
  128. Justin M.-ri
  129. Brenton N.-nj
  130. Bizazedo-de
  131. Dai-philly
  132. Mayor Mcjustin
  133. Jaguar-va
  134. Isaac B.
  135. Mike-set
  136. Jason C.-set
  137. Magman
  138. LK
  139. Isaac C-ct
  140. CGM
  141. Truehood-wv
  142. KDZ-nj
  143. Chris H.-nj
  144. Darnell G.-va
  145. Emmanuel
  146. Ian

1.AG Dr. Chaos- Philly
2. AG Brandon D.
3. Josh W.
4. AG Felix
5. Damian E
6. Julian R.
7. Kalick T.
8. Avery
9. Hal
10. Nas
11. NinjaCW
12. Gpx
13. Chris-wc
14. Andre-oh
15. D’nyc3
16. Steve H.
17. Ryry
18. Hav
19. AG marlin pie
20. AG Dave
21. AG j.d.
22. Fran23
23. Al
24. IFC yipes
25. 10 star
26. Basic_complex
27. Iloveyoujoe
28. Alzarath
29. Shin ONI
30. Rushdown
31. Ron-Philly
32. Steve "the rapper"
33. Rick m.
34. Mark megline
35. Money smith
36. 3s master
37. Skye t
38. Ken lee-mtl
39. LB Chris g.
40. Smooth viper-NYC
41. Rae A.-mtl
42. Drs shakugan
43. Drs nashfan
44. Drs masta CJ
45. Noel brown
46. robin
47. Moose
48. Pete l-Md
49. Michael and
50. Lil Eric-Philly
51. Sho-ct
52. Craig foster
53. Marcelino V
54. Christian R.
55. EMP Rahsaan
56. EMP Kevin
57. EMP Sanford
58. EMP remix
59. EMP DrangonGod
60. Marc R.-ct
61. FC jago
62. FC homeless
63. FC ??
64. Steven L.-mtl
65. Jean
66. Gavotron
67. Andrew-ct
68. Avery m.-philly
69. Bizazedo
70. Mayor Mcjustin
71. Sebastian S-ny
72. Jaguar-va
73. Magman-va
74. Isaac C.-ct
75. Truehood
76. KDZ
77. Chris H.-nj
78. Darnell G.
79. Emmanuel
80. Ian

3rd Strike:


[INDENT=1]Soul Calibur 4[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]30.grey wolf[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]37.Lost Providence[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]DOA side tourneys (sunday):[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]3.Allen Paris[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]9.Medusa X[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]10.Star Platinum[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]12.Tom Brady[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]13. Hi-Def[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]14. Telly-Da-King[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]15. omgitzandre[/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][SIZE=15px][FONT=Georgia]Tekken 6:[/SIZE][/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]3.real law[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]5.the game[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]6.fighting gm[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]7.ben 111[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]11.nyc fab[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]13.meta riptor[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]15. RYry[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][FONT=Georgia]16. Jaguar[/FONT][/INDENT]
Pot bonus info on the way.


Oh. My. Lord.


Who wants a 3s teammate? <3

In there.

Mortal Kombat 9 ! Fuckin Always GODLIKE is in there!

Hopefully I’m in this, i get back from vacation the 26th.

This will come out of my pockets, $50 bonus for 3s, Ah3, MK9 & Umk3.

i will be flying up for this! time to get hype!!

I will be there man like always this is just 4 days before my 21st birthday man lol.

yep im in:tup:

I am coming to this and I’m bringing three people with me. Canada represent!

Thank you Eric!


Let’s rock.

Ne mk crew to invade!!!

Big E: You already know me and J.P in there let us know what you need help with etc. What to bring…

Oooooh Summer jam!!! Penthouse madness again??? That was soooo fun last time! Put me down for mk9, super AE and mvc3! Not sure about mvc3 teams yet but ill let you know.

Put me down for Mk9!!

Damn good shit homie.




post on MK sites for me

yessssss GS homie.

ok b penthouse madness will be top gun shit this time.

$50 striper bucks will be on the line for the man with the longest win streak.

Im in there for the stripper bucks.

Might be there, people were hyping this up at Power Up, got me interested. Any info on AE pot?