GVN Winter Brawl 2009 in Philly Feb-28th Sf4, TVC, STHD, and More

GVN is proud to hold the 2009 Winter Brawl at the Sheraton Hotel in Southern Philadelphia. This time, GVN is teaming up with Big E(NEC) to make this the best and smoothiest GVN yet. And for the first time ever, you can register online in advance for the tournament.

Eric and I will be splitting duties. He will run the 2D duties and I will run the 3D game duties.


Register Online
After you register online make sure you print your reciept and bring it in.

Saturday Feb 28th, 2009

Door registration starts at 12pm. All game starting times will be announced shortly.

Sheraton Hotel
4101A Island Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA? 19153
(215) 492-0400?

*Located 2 miles from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Gaming Vision Network

Hubbs’ email: hubbsdoctor@gmail.com

Soul Calibur 4(PS3)
Street Fighter 4(PS3)
DOA3.1 and 4(Xbox and Xbox 360)
VF5(Xbox 360)
Tekken 5DR
STHD Remix(PS3)

Online Registration - $10(ends Feb 21st) or At the door - $15

DOA 3.1 - $5
DOA 4 - $10
T5DR - $10
VF5 -$10

Side tournaments:

MVC2-entry fee $2.00
CVS2-entry fee $2.00

Don’t forget to Register Online

Players I(Big Eric) will be in charge on the capcom and ggac stuff.

(Rules for TvC, SF4, GGAC, STHD, 3S)

Sthd-entry fee-$10 start time 3pm
Sf4-$10-start time 4pm
3s-$10-start time 2pm
GGxx-$10 start time 2pm
Cvs2-$2 start time 5pm(ps2)
Mvc2 $2 start time 5:30pm(dc)
Tvc-$10 start time 3pm(wii)

Sf4 and sthd will be on both systems. (ps3 and xbox360)

So players if you have sticks please bring them right all I have is a 1 xbox360 stick and 1 ps3 stick.

So what the later start times we now have time for team tournaments, so get your teams together.

The tournaments rooms should be set up by 10am I hope.

Also if your bring so please call me I need you here by 11am.

Players that’s going to gamestop tournament you know have extra time to get here so please hurry I will start sf4 at 4pm.

-You are allowed to bring your own controller or arcade stick (please mark it)
-Programmable/macro controllers/sticks are not allowed.

  • Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for semi finals, 4/7 for grand finals
    -3/5 rounds
    -Double Elimination

-Double Elimanation
-40 second time limit
-Random level select
-Dangerzones allowed
-Life is set to Normal

Tekken 5 DR
-Random level select
-Character customization is not allowed.
-Life setting is 100%
-Guard damage is off
-Jinpachi is banned
-No button mapping

Virtua Fighter 5
-45 second time limit
-Custom Characters is not allowed.
-Random Stage select
-Character Customization are banned

Soul Calibur 4
-All infinite combos
-Default round time
-Default life
-Algol, Vader and Yoda are banned
-Custom & Special Characters are banned
-Random stage select

SO i hope all the real players will show up.

Players if we have time i will run a cvs2 and mvc2 tournament(if we have time)

Pre-reg list:


  1. Eric Small(wee lost to everyone)
  2. Philly-one-philly
  3. Rick M.-philly
  4. Eric V.-va
  5. Magneto Manica-va
  6. Damian-philly
  7. Kyle-philly
  8. Brandon D.-philly
  9. Julian R.-philly
  10. Ghost Cobra-philly
  11. Rob Stevens-ma
  12. Nestor-ct
  13. Pj-de
  14. Justin w.-nyc
  15. Ernest woo
  16. Red-pa
  17. Powerman-pa
  18. Perfect Sin
  19. Rusheddown-ri
  20. Mr. Quotes-nj
  21. Paul W.
  22. Divine Plaque
  23. ill will-
  24. vizard-nyc
  25. Steve H.-md


  1. Eric Small(will lost to everyone)
  2. Philly-one-philly
  3. JP-Md
  4. Eric V.-va
  5. Magneto Manica-va
  6. Damian-philly
  7. Kyle-philly
  8. Brandon D.-philly
  9. Julian R.-philly
  10. Ghost Cobra-philly
  11. Rob Stevens-ma
  12. Dr. Chaos-philly
  13. Pat-Md
  14. Diaper Bomb-pa
  15. Caliagent#3
  16. Master Chibi-nyc
  17. Bill G.-philly
  18. Nestor-ct
  19. Dsp-ct
  20. Ds
  21. Pj-ct
  22. Som-philly
  23. Ron-philly
  24. The pestazoid
  25. Justin w.-nyc
  26. Henaki -nj
  27. Hold Dat-nyc
  28. Rick
  29. Sam kirk
  30. Ernest woo
  31. Red-pa
  32. Powerman-pa
  33. Usmc Jaguar-va
  34. Perfect Sin-va
  35. Rusheddown-ri
  36. Edpachi-ri
  37. Paul W.
  38. Sea of Cheese
  39. LuckyD
  40. Plural
  41. Francisco M.
  42. NinjaCW
  43. ill_will
  44. vizard–nyc
  45. Malice-philly/nj
  46. Hubbs
  47. Andre
  48. Havoc
  49. Joe
  50. Jetphi
  51. KOOP*
  52. Jason*
  53. Steve h.-md
  54. Rome-nyc
  55. Damdai*
  56. Furious Roy-ma
  57. Smiley-ma


  1. Eric Small(will lost to everyone)
  2. Philly-one-philly
  3. JP-Md
  4. Eric V.-va
  5. Atimus prime
  6. Ds
  7. Kyle-philly
  8. Brandon D.-philly
  9. Julian R.-philly
  10. Wayne R.-nj
  11. Rob Stevens-ma
  12. Dr. Chaos-philly
  13. Pat-Md
  14. Diaper Bomb-pa
  15. Caliagent#3
  16. The pestazoid
  17. Bill G.-philly
  18. Dsp-ct
  19. Justin w.-nyc
  20. Henaki
  21. Hold Dat
  22. Sam kirk
  23. Red-pa
  24. Brandon-philly
  25. Rusheddown-ri
  26. Mr. Quotes-nj
  27. Paul W
  28. Sea of cheese
  29. Plural
  30. Francisco M.
  31. vizard-nyc
  32. Hubbs
  33. Bryheem
  34. Jetphi
  35. Robin*
  36. Damdai


  1. Justin w.-nyc
  2. Henaki
  3. Powerman-pa
  4. Perfect Sin-va
  5. Shodkan123-ri
  6. 10stars
  7. whyterakurr
  8. Nas
  9. MarlinPie
  10. Orca
  11. Moroha-md
  12. md
  13. md
  14. Asakusas


  1. Atimus prime
  2. Dream-philly
  3. Justin w.-nyc
  4. Eric v.-va
  5. Mm-va
  6. Dr. Chaos-philly
  7. Therapist-
  8. Henaki
  9. Diaper Bomb
  10. Hold dat
  11. Red-pa
  12. Rusheddown-ri
  13. Edpachi-ri
  14. Shodkan123-ri
  15. Mr. Quotes-nj
  16. LuckyD
  17. Paul W
  18. Flare
  19. Francisco M.
  20. Plural
  21. MarlinPie
  22. ill_will
  23. vizard-nyc
  24. AsaKusa*
  25. Joe
  26. Furious Roy-ma


  1. Hubbs-pa
  2. Jaxel
  3. KPC
  4. KDZ
  5. Sanford
  6. Sin
  7. Cha Cha
  8. elteshan
  9. Escapingjail
  10. Insanekhent
  11. Malice
  12. NinjCW
  13. D1
  14. TagYoutPregnant
  15. chaosghost6
  16. HervE
  17. Dr. Evil
  18. Andre

DOA: 20 people
Escaping Jail(?)
Blaskovich(my friend)(?)
TB Berg(?)
Tom Brady(?)
impact boss(?)
TB Inuyasha(?)

Our new contact with teh Hotel has sent m an email with detailed directions if you are taking teh bus or train.


board ???.Broad & Oregon Subway (Orange Line) South Bound.

transfer to ???..#68bus South Bound.

Bus Will Leave You: Directly Across From Sheraton Suites / Four Points By Sheraton / Aloft Triplex entrance.


board ???..???..??. R1(Regional Train) Airport.

on Zone 4 of ARRIVALS, transfer to ???..Hotel Shuttle .

Shuttle Will Leave You At Entrance Of: Sheraton Suites.

You can get the R1 at 30th Street, Suburban, or Market East Station.

holy shit i am so their

Cool DK.

Players this place is nice.

You already know what it is. I’m there i’m sure it will be as hype as NEC


Yes JP this place is HOT wait till you players see it.

the possible new nec spot eric?


i’m in for Sf4, Sthd, BB, Tvc

I would love to use it but it to small for NEC. But I’m thinking hard about bring summer jam back.

chibi’s avatar FTW!!! eric that sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

Cool got you down.

march madness replacement?

sounds cool.

ill supply the wii, tats vs. cap and those two wii sticks…you still tryin to send these mas sticks eric?

I’ll text you back with the details Big E, until then :woot:

Yes that’s what’s up. And yes we need to send the sticks back asap.

After the holiday.

this sounds pretty hype yo big E is 3S gonna be there either way count me in!

I’m thinking about it player.



Good shit BIG E

Ill be rolling thru wit the MD/VA squad!!

if we do teams in SF4 i wanna get this in ERIC V lets make it happen TEAM HONDA:looney::rofl:

I’m thinking about it player.