Gvn winter brawl results from Philly. 2-28-09

First I like to give thanks out to everyone that came out to winter brawl I had a great time with everyone. I hope to see everyone of you players back.

Special thanks to Bill g, DSP, lil Eric, kyle, mr quotes, ken, jaxel, dan from ma, jet phi, eric v and crew, for helping me out.

Players this is not full results I’m posting from my iPhone still working on fixing my laptops, sorry.

Sf4(52) players

  1. Marn-tx/NYC
  2. Nestor-ct/ma
  3. Dr. Choas-Philly
  4. Tony B.
  5. Ernest-ri
  6. Eric k-va
  7. Steve-Philly
  8. Evil drake king-Philly
    Julian r.philly
    Eric v-va


  1. Therapist
  2. Flare
  3. Paul wall
  4. Mr. Quotes
  5. Diaper bomb
  6. Marlin pie
  7. Ed pachi
  8. Frantastic23


  1. Marlin pie
  2. Marn
  3. Therapist
  4. Tony b.
  5. Ken

Players I will post sf4 teams tonight. And I will post all of NEC results this Friday.


you ducked me on our MM dont wanna lose after you won ic how it is. wheres your excuses at? Also Chaos did beat you in teams and in tournament didnt look free to me.

plus u didnt play me u ducked behind bison AHHHH!!! ill get u all back at next event i swear lol lol lol seriously ggs to all i played i still have alot to do in leveling up but it was good to see everyone again…


talkin about yu yu hakusho > getting top 5 in a GG tournament.

i almost beat a lot of people. gotta turn that “i almost” into a “i did”

Both of those losses was when I was intoxicated.
P.S: I do think Dr.Chaos is top 5 EC though! Best Ken!
P.S.S: 4-1, 4-0 Grand Finals looked FREE to me.

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t going to lose to you. I just didn’t feel like taking your money cause you seem like the nicest guy out of TGA. <3. And you have heart. “Just because you won the tournament doesn’t mean I’m backing out.” <3.

Kyle: I didn’t want to let Andre have THAT much of a free ride, he was pretty worthless the rest of the team tournament yeah?

Good job to the placers 4-1 4-0 is FREE esp when Sagat beats Rufus.

Marn you were 0-4 when it came to that girl. LOL LOL LOL.

ouch big e wit the burn lol lol lol yea i dont play bison like at all so its just a totally new match up for me but i no if i had it one more time i could of did better i almost had it at the singles but i let my pride n frustration get in the way of what i should of done… next time lets get some casuals in though i need to start playing against good rufus players

You’re an asshole :’(.

-GGs to everyone, had a fun time. :wgrin:

-DSP uploaded some of the 2v2 on his youtube. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=darksydephil&view=videos&query=winter++sf4
*Don’t watch me vs Bryheem :sweat:

Dragonboy and I are shaking our heads…

Your still my drunk buddy.

ok i blew it thats all i have to say about my match end of story… ggs though

Eric: Thanks for running the tourney. I had a good time.

GG’s to everybody i played.

Not when you never played the matchup before and you’re playing against someone who plays the game/matchup everyday since even before console. I played Rufus the 2nd set 2 games too and that went nowhere but no excuses, i lost, GS. All im going to say is… things wont be the same next time.

FUCK MY JOB…seriously

i’m always missing the good shit

good job Therapist…i still own you though :rock:

eric ur tourneys are always the best

ill always help out when i can

Where are the finals vids for sf4 son!

Cool glad you had a good time.

Thanks for help your the best.

OK ok respect respect except for the taking my money part :nono:. gs at the tourny dont mean me and the team are still gunning for u and everyone else Andre(gs) u VA guys gs to eric kim always good to see eric v whats good with the rhino?, ofcourse NY joe justin too bad they didnt show, and Philly good touenament as always I hope you guys stay at it Hyo chaos Kyle JULIAN nice guys lets go EC get our shit togeather WC still dont respect the east.

Eric you are fuckin halrious at 2 in the mourning good tourny as always the spot was ver nice.