Gwai's Rolento Diary

It’s about that time. I’m bored and sitting here and there hasnt been much Rolento activity. He’s still my favourite character. He needs to get mo’ love.

I want to talk about a few of his moves, I’m not trying to claim original thought on these but I want to put them down somewhere. I enjoy reading my past posts and comparing my gameplan and understanding to my current play.

Rolentos best pressure move by far.

c.jab vs s.jab
If you play rolento you know that c.jab has slightly more range. This an be used to get some counterhits. Ie max range s.jab, walk forward so that you are still outside of s.jab range and do a c.jab. Take the time the counterhit gets you to set up for something else. Head bobbing after a c.jab can make it look like you are walking forward. Ie c.jab, neutral->c.jab can often get counter hits or baited moves.

Into low forward xx Patriot Circles
Counterhit c.jab/s.jab both easily combo into low forward. Patriot circles do not need a counterhit jab.

Meaty jabs work really well and can easily be hit confirmed (without counterhit). It also makes s.jab low forward completely safed when blocked.

To use jabs effectively you really have to pay attention to your ranges. For example, a max range s.jab does not leave you much room to do anything but walk back into range. Which is why c.jab helps a bit. Ideally I like having the middle of Rolento’s stick hit the opponent. Especially for meaty jabs. Against rc grooves it is sometimes better to be a bit further out. For example, blanka gets the really hard to time wake up rc electricity, you are still safe on the meaty jab if it is done further away. Having the stick hit about half way allows for better mixups, it gives you enough time to mix up throw, jab combo, and counterhit jab/blocked jab at the same distance. I believe at this distance if done meaty it is safe from just defend aswell. Jumping is also an option as it puts you in good distance for a crossup/jump straight up roundhouse.

All counterhitjabs/meaty jabs should result in a knock down. Meaty jabs allow you to set up counter hits easily. You can be in throw range after walking in from a meaty jab and still be in a good position to counterhit.

Learning to combo s.jab, s.jab, s.jab is also very important to rolentos game. This puts people in the habit of blocking. If you force people to block you can throw out more moves like c.fierce immediately after 1 jab (slightly outside of half stick range). Ideally I would want someone to block this (having a flashing guard on your opponent obviously gives you added pressure), however having the c.fierce hit is still good.

Standing forward is a good move to keep people out when it is necessary. If you get in the habit of using this move at the proper range you can sometimes bait jumps/pokes with a s.short. However s.short should only be done when you are outside of their ranges (well, I should never say “only” but just as a general rule). The startup of the s.short looks very similar to the s.forward. This obviously isnt something to spam or use a lot, but when you’ve convinced your opponent that they might be able to make you wiff a s.forward to punish/jump it can be good.

Meaty c.forward at about 2/3’s the length of the leg away can set up a counterhit c.jab -> c.forward.

Towards and forward, the only thing I’ve seen this move do is punish cammy’s max range spiral arrows (qcf+kick). I say max range because i’ve hit cammy out of one and she’s recovered first.

Roll cancel scouter jump
Execution of this move: I tend to use the knuckles of my middle to pinky finger to hit the forward/roundhouse buttons. So I curl them up and roll my hand across after hitting the roll. Works very well on japanese layout. Try to release jab+short as you hit forward/roundhouse as it gives you an extra imput (negative edge short). This is good because rc scouter can be done by releasing short and pressing one button (ie roundhouse).

Time it as they would hit you from a jump in to escape the corner, or to jump back into the corner for a j.fierce, low forward xx patriot circles. Escaping the corner is ideal though because they obviously land before you and can hit you out of the air. Not recommended against low jump cammy either or you get low jump kick grabbed.

It can also be done after a half distance jab if you have them in the corner. As people with dragons will want to dragon your counter hit jab/throw attempt.

This gives p/k another height to defend when they jump. Use it slightly lower in the arc (or the same timing) than you would a jump jab and slightly higher than you would use s.strong. You can also use it when they are inside your s.strong range but where you would trade if you press strong. Jump back with it to defend against crossups or high arcing super jumps onto your head (ie when you are in the corner).

That’s all for today.

Thx for this stuff. I wanted to learn a bit of rolento for a long time, but didn’t know how to handle the guy.
Could you explain some matchups or fighting styles?

I’m not very good at pulling matchup specific knowledge out of my head. If you have specific questions I can try to answer them although I’m not sure how useful the advice would be… just be mindful of their poking ranges, and try to get into your jab game. Other than that try to punish longer range pokes. Use rc scouter jump, cross ups, knives, and wall jumps to try to maintain distancing if you mess up your poking game. With Knives be mindful of the different angles, and try to react to what they are going to do. Rolentos dashes are very good, dashing back out of their cross up range will often get you a free s.strong.

After a cross up rolento can do s.jab s.fierce xx knife. the thing is the jab-> fierce is not safe, however it will often still be blocked.

s.jab xx knife is very good too, it makes it hard to react to your jab game, especially since people are looking to use a poke like low forward .

s.fierce xx roll back -> jab is a good distance, if they dont react in time they have to block, if they jump it will still hit them.

After landing a cc you can do a scouter jump to cross up, at the last second you can do instead and land on the other side. This is good after you’ve shown the person that you will cross up. The cross up will fuckup most super motions (i say motions because the timing when people would normally do a motion is crossed up). It is safe against kens/ cammy up supers if timed right (and will still hit them if they do nothing). So you can land and punish if they wiff. You can also make this ambiguous by walking forward a bit (it is less safe but it completely depends on them waking up… if they are standing you will often land in front, if they are crouching you will often land behind. But again it depends on the distance you walk.

Rolentos down fierece is his main punisher, however at further ranges sweep is faster and gets you the knock down.

Small question: With or without RC, how to deal with crossups as fierce and powerful as Nakoruru’s…what do you do?

IMO, just roll away and re-establish your distance. you can get cute and RC KKK scouter hop backwards into jab, but you have to really be looking for the crossup to get that out in time, and you’re getting a jab (maybe a counter-hit jab’s worth) of damage.

rolentos jumping jab does more damage than most jumping jab in the game

A jab is still damage. It also puts you in good position afterwards. Imo if someone is crossing you up you should be waiting for it most of the time, if they cross you up randomly without pressuring you first then you are most likely in a bad position.

Jump back/straight up jab without rc scouter jump can work too. Rc jump forward to reset distance works. Dash into her crossup and activate as rolentos dash is off the ground.

Practice more not being in crossup range unless forced… i know it’s easier said than done and it’s not something you can control all the time but it helps you react to the crossups better.

Well, you dont want to be outside the range, but pretty much at the ambiguous range where if they jump you can walk back and Personally I think this is the best option. However if I get forced I would go for the rc scouter jump back with jab.

And if they cross up after jabs i would rc scouter jump forward.

Nice thread, keep them comin.


Useful air-to-air against opponents who are higher than you. Might seem pretty obvious but a practical application of this is against chun li normal/super jumps.

Patriot circles random thoughts
Random execution note, I somehow lost the ability to do patriot circles, I’ve been remedying this situation by drumming all 3 punches for the 2nd and 3rd motions.

Another note about patriot circles is at the peek of my concentration it seems that low forward is hit confirmable (although normally not practical, but it does help during jab -> low forward poke strings when it is 1 frame timing and can apply in other situations too ie trying to punish a move with low forward and waiting to see if it hits to cancel). Anyone else notice this?

Building Meter

Although Rolento gains a lot of meter from attacking, it’s good to mix up with running away. I find it also keeps people guessing more as to whether you are going to run away aka rush away or try to rush down as IMO he’s good at both.

Common meter-building moves are:


This move in itself builds meter, but you also get a button press afterwards. It can get you out of corners or put you in one depending on what you want. If you are pressured in the corner it can easily be hit out of the air with moves like Yamazaki/Sagat j.Fierce even if it is roll cancelled - the invincibility runs out around the point of contact with the wall.

If you are full screen (ie they are about mid - 3/4 screen away from your corner) and do this you can often bait dragons by doing down-back + forward(kick) if you do it right outside of their range. If not you are quite far away and can generally either run back/forward or start playing footsies. It’s always good to do this move at a point where your opponent might be thinking you’re committed to attacking (or just before) so that they do not know right away to close the distance.

When you have the option to fly over their head (and so put yourself more into the middle of the screen than you were before) you also have the option to press back+forward for a crossup.

It’s always good to change the timing on this move. If you catch your oponent waiting at your max distance jump (ie for a dragon or something) you can sometimes hold back for a while … and then press forward->roundhouse, it seems pretty quick and if done when they are overthinking they may not react to it (in time to punish).

triple-kick (Scouter jump)
Great for creating distance, rc’d when close. Can press a heavy move to wiff right before you land for the meter. Can either repeat or use one of his other numerous options

triple-kick (while landing)
Builds meter in itself. Can also attack after a bounce. Very good after a scouter jump to build meter. Most people (especially running grooves) will want to close the distance after they see one. Mixup with holding back, holding forward and then j.jab (if they jumped) or scouter jumping/wall jump etc. Often scouter jumping back will put you against the wall - if not the holding back triple kick probably did, so be prepared to either poke, defend, or get out.

I prefer this move as the wiff meter builder. Certain timings if they jump (probably super jump) at the same time it looks like you are open, but you can still throw out another as anti air.

Use it like any projectile as long range zoning. Generally you can throw a fairly decent knife regardless of where they are. The exception is if they do a cross up roll or similar spacing. If you don’t throw a knife you recover faster.

triple punch
Find this move can be thrown in in the meter building process since the distance you roll can be controlled. If you are full screen you can do a jab one to stay fairly fair away, watch what they do because you can often roll under jumps with this.

Obviously all of the above you have to known the timing and distances of both rolento’s and your opponent’s moves. Any repetitiveness against good players will get you either cornered or with a … bad “damage taken to meter build ratio” for lack of a better wording… I find a good thing to keep in mind is if you put yourself in the corner you better have a couple of options in mind (depending on your opponents plausible options) to get out before you put yourself there.

If you do get stuck in the corner, the command jumps shouldnt be used randomly to get you out of the corner, especially when your guard is flashing. On reaction to certain moves however they will do the trick nicely. My favourite at the moment is rc scouter jump forward (to about mid screen) to reset the distancing game.

Also, I find against characters with fast walking speeds the rush away is less effective and a solid ground game helps with a lot of situations.

However, building meter should always be part of Rolento’s game play.

Any use for this move for some weird high / low / cross up shiz? Seems like it’s be decent in that regard. I don’t have the game, so I can’t test, but maybe he could do something after his p throw? I use N - Rolento the most, so maybe I could do some ambiguous shit with it like run forward after p throw, vary the timing for when I scouter jump, land in front / behind them early and then cross up with KK landing, MK. Or use it like a ghetto low jump in C.

Anyone wanna try it out? I’m playing this out in my head, and it seems like it’d work, but right now it’s all theory.

Uses for mix ups that i know of:

  • after a knock down (or not… i guess), cross up hold in the direction you are jumping, triple kick will make you bounce to the other side and you can do a cross up during the bounce as you will bounce back over the opponent. The danger with this one is they can throw you out of the triple kick, or stand fierce you for example. If they have a habit of attacking low when you empty cross up it can lead to a knock down.

  • Throw someone into the corner, scouter jump towards them and hold back while pressing triple kick, can do a j.fierce punch at a fairly safe range (ie hard to hit if you do not attack). You can very the timing on the scouter jump, to hit later or earlier (im not sure if you can get a meaty jump attack, but it’s still confusing assuming they don’t do quick getup.) Can use it as a ghetto hi/low mix up if you are in a-groove and activate -> throw…

  • Not really a mixup, but if you are in the corner for example, and you have a chance to walk just outside their throw range and scouter jump out (or set up your scouter jump out any number of ways including random) if you hold back while pressing triple kick you will bounce further away. If you hold towards you will bounce back. The cross up mentioned above and this one are times when the motion is reversed (ie you do not hold in the direction you want to bounce).

  • I’m assuming with low jump you can low jump corpse hop into triple kick, although I don’t play him much in low jump grooves. Could be fun to play with.

fp throw, scouter jump, f+kkk (right before landing), mk while in air during pogo. Good cross up.

I believe this is worth mentioning:

I’m not sure if it’s widely known that Rolento can cancel air movies into his pogo bounce.

From what I can see it’s similar to cancelling a short into a hurricane.

As far as I’ve been able to test both his j.short and j.jab (hit or blocked) can be cancelled into the pogo bounce (triple kick while landing). I have not been successful in cancelling any other jumping moves into the triple kick.


Poke strings:

  • Jump jab xx triple kick , jump jab xx triple kick is a “poke string” that can be repeated without landing.

  • Jump jab xx triple kick, j.fierce combos into activation/low forward super.


  1. Unlike most air cancels this move is height dependent. You have to time your jump jab or short to hit and be cancellable at the right height for the pogo bounce. Jump short can only be used on taller characters as the upwards boot to the head leaves you too close to the ground against mid to low height characters

  2. The instinct of most people after a jumping jab would most likely be block low, throw, or dragon/equivalent. If the opponent blocks low AFTER the blocked/hit jump jab, I believe you can bounce over for a crossup. You can also fairly safely bounce away (can obviously be punished by certain faster long ranged moves and supers etc)

  3. Jumping jab is obviously not a very strong jump in however it can be set up. I think in order to use any sort of triple kick trickery you would have to set it up multiple times in a match.

  4. During a-groove activation all jumping moves are cancellable. This offers yet another activation setup. Jumping in while activated j.fierce xx triple kick or crossup xx triple kick (for a double crossup or a fake double crossup depending on you and your opponents actions).

  5. Potentially a lot more trickery in low jump grooves as a low jump will often leave blocking high as your opponents only option.

Now, as of right now I don’t believe this in itself offers any huge advantage. However, Rolento’s game largely relies on options and this is most definitely another option that can be used.

More options = slower reaction speed by opponent (it’s not quite so simplistic but it’s what it amounts to).

Back in 2000 guy were hitting cats with knives in their CC …( anybody know how the custom works?)

Question can does rolento’s Ground CC only work on Sagat/Fat character?

Does any body know how to set up his scouter jump> Activate down+ mp overhead to mk crossup in the corner… or either ACtivate CC Blocked then gruard crush… to cross up mk.

I hope I am making sence… I trying to learn to me nasty with A rolento.

Hitting cats with knives is flash only (usually corner) - the flashiest knife is cancelled into his super if timed right.

You can start a cc off of a deep knife anti air…

I’m pretty sure you can do it on more characters if they are standing. For my execution level this is impractical anyway though:)

I’m not sure about the other setups… never used them…

Thank’s I totally forgot about about CC of a deep knife AA.

I want to be Flashy with the Knife in Rolento’s CC… Make me smile.:wgrin:
I have yet to get the timing though…

Good shit on the Rolent Strats.

Main thing to remember with the knife is you can cancel before you actually “land”, if you do it right it looks like he starts his super from the air… it’s also really quick… only way I can do it is s.roundhouse xx roundhouse knife jump xx roundhouse knife xx super in a very quick motion… and very [EDIT] height dependant on all of them.