GW's down til next month :(

Well, I know this sucks for all of us U.S. players, as their servers were most popular. Time to hit Anti3d, and the other east coast server (Intense Gamers, I believe)? :stuck_out_tongue: Just curious, if any of the GW admin’s frequent these forums, how much bandwidth was used (and exceeded)? I’m contemplating running a west coast server, but want to know what I’m getting myself into first…before I start sourcing hosts.

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The servers are NOT down. I repeat the servers are NOT down. GW1 is at

GW2 is at

Fortunatley for you…you’re mistaken. Those servers are still up. The Kallliera main server has been down for a while so its been impossible for people to retrieve the server list…but if you have had GW in your recent servers list you can still click on

Give us the IP for your WC server, and I will play you.

Apparently it was only the main site that was down, not the kaillera server. I was at work, and the message that was being displayed on their home page lead me to believe the server was down, too. :pleased:

Anyhoo, I’m hoping to have the server up within the next couple days. I’m registering the web space and ip currently, just have to get it configured tonight, and hopefully will have it online shortly. I will post the IP as soon as its solidified.

Sweet, finally a WC server to play on. It’s way too hard to play against EC people with the delay, I’d rather play WCers now.

GW is not down at all… CLOSE THREAD FB!

Only the site is closed for the month, the Kaillera server is still up. He’s running them on completely different machines and different hosts.

I had the Kaillera server bandwidth per user all calculated out at one time. It depends on the emulator also… Project64k is a hog. I remeber I figured roughly, 35 users playing Mame32k, 24x7, was around 200 gigs of bandwidth used per month. I could give you more accurate figures if you pest me about it.

Good info, moose. I’m using UOKS 0.92. Any thoughts on preventing it from touching the master server? It does so like once a minute, and as we know, this is a futile effort.

There was a private server switch in the original which would simply keep it from touching the master, so I would imagine the same switch is in UOKS 0.92.

FYI, I had the foresight to save a copy of the raw master list before it went down, and am trying to reverse engineer the format so I can put up a new master on I already hacked my kailleraclient.dll to look at for the master. If it works, hopefully TRAC won’t minding changing UOKS to touch, and I can change EmuLinker, and then we’re all back in business, so to say.

Haha, I found it. In kaillersrv.conf, you set “public” to 0. :smiley:

Now then, here’s where I’m at. When attempting to connect to the server, it shows Loggin In on the client, but on the server, it says client connection timed out. I get the same results both on the hosted web space, and when attempting to run the server from my home network (on which I have the firewall configured and ports forwarded). Any thoughts?

Likely caused by your firewall blocking UDP ports. You have to forward/allow ALL UDP ports from 1024 to 65535. Just forwarding 27888 doesn’t do it.

Ah-ha. Good info. Thanks, moose. I will try that and post back.

:edit: Hey, moose, can you let me know all ports that need to be forwarded? I googled it, but didn’t come up with any solid info. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: